Saturday, April 1, 2017

Sword Art Online - Chromatic Colors (short story)

Chromatic Colors is a short story by Reki Kawahara, included with abec’s art book, published on 20 January 2016.

It is 6 pages long, separated into 3 chapters. The main character is abec’s illustrated original character, Ceba. When the game SAO: Hollow Fragment was collecting character designs on the internet, abec submitted this character design and earned a special prize.

Ceba is present in Hollow Fragment, and you can even add her into your party.


Hearing a fully synchronized scream from the kitchen, I leapt from the sofa in front of the fireplace and lunged towards it, thinking for a split second that a monster had popped into our home.

“Wha-what happened?”

I shouted as I burst into the kitchen, and a unexpectedly pitiful sight, or should I say, a vivid, poetic and fantastical scene unfolded before my eyes.

Asuna blindly adored the lakeside log cabin on Floor 22 of Aincrad as a second home, taking time here and there to decorate the kitchen. And yet, by her hand, the walls, the floor and the ceiling were pasted with color: red, blue, green, yellow, purple and others. But now, the rainbow-colored, sticky, gelatinous substance that wobbled on the ground and dripped from the ceiling in long strands, forming a spectacle that conjured images of a multi-colored hell.

The ones swallowed by the rainbow-colored gel, and likely its creators, were two female players with their hair, faces, and clothing covered in it; their arms stuck out in front of them as they let out moans of “Awww~”; one could not help but compare them to some fancy zombies.

“… By the way, what in the world did you do to make this happen?”

I asked incredulously. The owner of the kitchen — Asuna, an Undine, stammered as red glue dripped from her bangs.

“The jam… The jam, it…”

Yuuki, an Imp who seemed to be helping Asuna, spoke up as she wiped off red gel from her left cheek.

“Suddenly… exploded…”

— The jam, exploded?

To continue reading, you can download the file here!