Monday, September 5, 2016

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha Volume 16

To the Underground World 

Sunday, July 4

To the five Sun Rangers, the Forthorthe weapons they had been loaned were complete mysteries. While they had only been issued with non-lethal weapons to keep the conflict from growing larger, they were still far more excellent than any of the weapons on Earth. The five could not do anything but be amazed.

“What the heck is this... I've never seen a taser gun that fires bullets”
“Hayato-niichan, this looks like a bazooka, but is it seriously non-lethal?”

“Kenichi, wouldn't this suit you? Supposedly it's a shock sword”
”You're right. Daisaku, could you spar with me a little?”

“Yeah, sure. Let's confirm all of their uses”

While they had been shocked at first, they couldn't stay surprised with a battle so close. In preparation for the the real battle, they began some light sparring battles.

“How is it Daisaku?”
“Hmm, it seems like there's a bit of delay between a hit and when the zap comes”

“I see. So I need to correspond faster than with the usual blade...”
A bang rang out.

“...A direct hit. Well done, Hayato-niichan”
“What an unpleasant gun. It hits exactly where I am”

“So that's why you hit slightly above the mark”
”It looks like I won't need to make any corrections with this”

The practice continued for a while, and just as the practice was about to end.

Megumi spotted several small silhouettes behind some drums. These silhouettes belonged to the children of the underground people. The Sun Rangers were currently in the conservative faction's stronghold, and these were their children. “What are you doing here. We are practicing fighting here, so it's dangerous”

“...Are you heroes of justice?”

One of the children behind the drums timidly asked Megumi. They had overheard the adults speaking about transforming heroes and came to take a look.

“I always wish to be one”
“...Are you going to defeat the underground people?”

That was what the children worried about the most. Still unaware of how the world worked, the last thing the children wanted was to become the enemy of heroes of justice.

“No, that's not it. It doesn't matter if you're surface people or underground people.
We are only going to stop those that would hurt others”

”Then... you're our allies?”
“Are you bullying someone?”

“No, we wouldn't do that. We all get along!”
“With the surface people too?”

“Yeah! We went together to a festival the day before yesterday!”
”I see. Then we are your allies”

As Megumi smiled, the children let out sighs of relief. From there, children came out from behind the drums, one after another. In total there were seven of them, and they looked at the Sun Rangers with sparkling eyes.

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