Monday, September 5, 2016

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha Volume 15

Kiriha's Now

Friday, July 2

The girl known as Kurano Kiriha has a domestic and tolerant atmosphere to her. However, that's not all there is to her. She had another side to her, namely, the commander of the underground people's invasion force.

That said, Kiriha and the others’ invasion of the surface was a peaceful one.

Apart from their registrations being fake, almost all of their invasion is done through legal means. They also take part in the local community, actively communicating with the locals. In other words, Kiriha and the others’ invasion is intended to cause as few problems as possible for the locals.

The biggest reason as to why they chose to go with such a roundabout way to invade is because they don't like being forceful. They had been unjustly chased away from their homes in the past, but they had no intentions of doing the same to the people of the present. That’s because of their pride and stubbornness. The tribe that Kiriha and the others are a part of, the People of the Earth, is a very prideful tribe.

There was also one more reason as to why they were avoiding an invasion through force. The underground people's population was in decline, and there wouldn't be enough time to redo their invasion. That's why they had to pull it off the first time without fail. And as a result, Kiriha's peaceful invasion was necessary.

If they invaded through force, they would probably be able to secure some territory. They had enough power for that at least. However, territorial conflicts between the different people would occur, labelling Kiriha and the others as terrorists and forcing them into a long-term battle. If that happened, without any base on the surface, they would gradually lose power and population. Defending their pride would only lead to ruin.

However, the People of the Earth were not united, and apart from the conservative faction that Kiriha and the others belonged to, there was also a radical faction that sought to invade the surface through force.

Why did they have to bow down to the people that had chased them away from their own homes? Especially since they were far more advanced.

Retaking their homes through military force was only just and being ruled by the superior People of the Earth would be what's best for the surface dwellers. Or so the radical faction sees it. The radical faction consisted of dangerous people who had gathered because of their grudge from the past, befit of the evil persona one might attach to invaders from underground.

Fortunately, the conservative faction had far more numbers than the radical faction, leaving them in the majority. As a result, the radical faction could never get the initiative in the politics. But if the radical faction was to perform a large scale military action on the surface, the people on the surface
would counterattack, unable to distinguish between the conservative and radical factions. If that happened, everything would go the way the radical faction wanted. That's why Kiriha and the others always kept an eye on any movement from the radicals.

Kiriha was currently in her own room underneath room 106, facing her computer. On the screen was her father, Kurano Daiha. She was in the middle of talking with him and exchanging information.

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