Monday, September 5, 2016

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha Volume 14

Shizuka's 'Path of the Dragon'

As the date approached the middle of June, the summer began setting in properly. But despite the change in season, the landlord for Corona House was feeling a little sad.

“This season is back again...”

Staring at the calendar on the wall, a deep love, sadness and loneliness resonated in Shizuka's eyes. One of the days on the calendar had been circled with a red pen, and Shizuka was gazing at that date.

“It's already been almost five years since that day...”

Shizuka peeled her eyes off of the calendar and picked up a photo placed on the top shelf of her bookshelf. On the photo was an elementary school girl wearing a karate' dougi and holding a trophy, together with her parents.

Behind the smiling trio was Corona House. This was a commemorative picture after Shizuka had won a karate tournament.

“Dad, mom, I'm doing just fine...”

Next to where the photo had been was a small memorial tablet. Two months after the picture had been taken, Shizuka's parents passed away. Ever since then, Shizuka had been protecting Corona House on her own. To her, Corona House was her parents’ legacy, and at the same time, a place full of memories. That's why Shizuka couldn't forgive anyone that would bring harm to it.

As Shizuka was staring at the photo, Sanae's face popped out from the floor “Hey Shizuka, tea is ready so come down.”

Sanae poked up from the floor below, from room 106, to call Shizuka. As a former ghost, astral projection was a piece of cake to Sanae, making her perfect for communicating between the floors.

“Thank you, Sanae-chan. I'll be right there.”

Shizuka decided to head to the floor below and put the photo back. As she did, Sanae managed to catch a glimpse of it.

“...That's a photo of your papa and mama right?”
Sanae could tell that it was a picture of Shizuka's parents at first glance.

“Yes. You can tell?”
Shizuka was a little confused as she had never shown Sanae a picture of her parents before.

“Yeah. Because Corona House has plenty of... residual memories I think?... those things in it.”
“That might be because they treasured it so much.”

Shizuka didn't start living in Corona House until after her parents had passed away, but she would often help cleaning it. That might be why her parents’ eagerness remained as memories.

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