Monday, September 5, 2016

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha Volume 12

Everyone's Weekend

Friday, April 23

The Higashihongan family has been protecting the Higashihongan shrine as the head priests for many generations. With a long lasting history, the branch shrine that is the Higashihongan shrine has existed for over 500 years. And the main shrine, the Hongan shrine, has existed for longer than there exists records of it.

Because of their long history, the Higashihongan family owns vast lands and assets, and they are one of the few distinct families in Harukaze city. Thanks to that, their land is the size of a baseball stadium, with a large and luxurious Japanese-styled mansion on it and a garden that has been devised in such a way that all four seasons can be enjoyed to their fullest within their land.

“I-I've come to a helluva place...”

Having been guided to the guest room, Yurika looked around with restless eyes. Normally she lived in the wardrobe of a small six tatami mat big room, so to her, this place was like a different world. Despite sitting in a wide room, she couldn't take it easy, and was instead only getting more and more

Ahh! Save me, Satomi-san!

Yurika instinctively called out for her roommate’s help in her mind. This room also had a very luxurious feel to it. Though it wasn't a room that had been covered in gold to show off riches, as Yurika sat all alone in the room surrounded by the finely crafted pillars, the lacquered furniture, and the magnificent drawings on the wall, she felt like she was being looked down onby the rich. It was like her surroundings were telling her that this was no place for a poor girl like her and to hurry on out of here and go to somewhere more fitting for her. Of course, this was all just Yurika's complex. In fact, the residents of this mansion had welcomed her in with utmost care and were far from looking down on her.

“I am sorry for calling for you, Yurika-chan”

As proof of this, a resident of this mansion entered the guest room with a smile.

Her name was Higashihongan Kanae. She was the wife of the current head of the family, Higashihongan Soutarou, and the mother of Yurika's friend, Sanae.

“I wanted to talk to you in peace and quiet. About Nana-chan for example”

Yurika and Kanae had a common acquaintance.

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