Monday, September 5, 2016

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha Volume 11


March 16, Tuesday

As March begins, clubs have an important job to do. And that is to recruit new members.

As a public school, Kitsushouharukaze has entrance exams on two different dates, and those results are announced on the 5th and 20th of March. Since club activities are so active in the school, none of the clubs have the time to wait for the entrance ceremony, and instead the intense battle to recruit
promising new students start on the days that the results of the entrance exams are announced.

Of course, both Koutarou and Harumi of the knitting society will be taking part in this recruiting battle. In preparation for that day, they had come to the mall to purchase some things. The two were quite motivated and weren't just ready to use the remaining club funds, but also their own money.

“We have to recruit some for the second announcement.”
“I'm sorry for not being useful.”
“T-That's not what I meant!”

A certain reason was behind their motivation. Since the first announcement had gone by without any satisfactory results, they decided to bet on the second announcement.

On the day of the first announcement, Harumi had been caught by the members of the drama club and forced to wear a dress and help the drama club with their own recruitment. As a result, Koutarou was left to recruit for the knitting society on his own, and his results were lacking as he was unable to find a new applicant. The knitting society wasn't very popular to begin with, and having a lone boy looking for recruits completely backfired.

As such, the two decided that they had to successfully recruit someone on thesecond announcement.
“It doesn't look good if the president of the society is not present, does it?”

“Supposedly, the drama club will be changing how they recruit for the second announcement so we'll be fine.”

The drama club could normally be called a small club, but this year they saw a great increase in applicants. The two plays that they had put on last year had been very well received and played a large part in the increase in applicants. Just by having Harumi stand by the drama club's reception
wearing Alaia's dress was enough to attract attention.

Because of that, the drama club was satisfied with the amount of applicants they had gotten and decided not to use Harumi for the second announcement day. Instead, they were going to line up their good-looking boys and cross-dressing girls and attract those into that. Since neither Koutarou and Harumi had anything to do with that, the knitting society would be able to properly recruit with both its members.

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