Monday, September 5, 2016

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha Volume 09


February 8, Monday

Koutarou and Ruth's morning started early. By five in the morning, they had already woken up and had headed out for their daily run.

On their running course, they ran towards the river from Corona House, and then they continued along the flow of the river on the promenade that had recently been maintained.

The physical training Ruth had started with during the later half of last year had shown very promising results as they entered February, and her fitness had completely changed since she began.

Her daily exercise that she never skipped out on had let her understand the trick in how to move her body. As a result, Ruth didn't end in the same sorrow state as Yurika.

As expected from Flairhan's descendant, I guess... Ruth-san really does have the talent for this...
Her improvement was enough to earn admiration from Koutarou.

At first she had been completely out of breath after running, but that was no longer the case. She lightly wiped some sweat away and smiled at Koutarou.

“Satomi-sama, will we be doing some muscle training today as well?”

After running several kilometers down the promenade, they would start with some muscle training in a more open space by the riverbed. That had been their morning training menu for these past few months. They had just now finished running and normally they were supposed to start their muscle training.

By the way, at first, Sanae and Yurika had joined in as well, but they quickly dropped out giving reasons such as it being too cold and that they were too sleepy. As a result, the only ones doing this
training menu were Koutarou and Ruth.

“No, I think it's about time we start with the main training.”

However, Koutarou shook his head. That unexpected answer made Ruth opened her eyes wide and tilt her head.

“Main training?”

“Yes. Ruth-san, you've gotten enough physical strength, so I think it's time we start practicing techniques.”

Ruth's original intention was to learn how to fight from Koutarou. The running and physical training was just preparation for that. And seeing Ruth's growth, Koutarou decided that the time to start teaching her how to fight had come.

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