Monday, September 5, 2016

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha Volume 08.5

The Reborn Forthorthe Army  

In the northern parts of Mastir territory, close to Pardomshiha territory, lies a great plain called Raustor.

The name Raustor stood for “the goddess's resting place”. With most of Mastir consisting of mountains, there was a myth that Goddess of Dawn rested her legs here.

Since it was a plain within a mountainous region, it naturally became a transport hub. As a result, a large amount of towns that focused on trade were established, and an army to defend them was
stationed there.

Because of that, the reborn Forthorthe army ended up clashing with the coup d'état army in Raustor. It was an unavoidable battle if they were to march on to the capital, Fornorn.

The reborn Forthorthe army was an army created by Alaia after she had escaped to Pardomshiha territory. The Pardomshiha family had deep ties with the royal family, and with their band of knights at the core, they amassed to a mere 500 men. There was a massive difference in the forces compared to the coup d'état army with the old imperial army at its core. The Wenranka family, who were
known for their loyalty, had decided to join the newborn Forthorthe army, but the army was expected to be crushed before they could join up.

However, the Forthorthe army had overturned that situation. Although it was a siege battle with the defenders at an advantage, their first battle against the coup d'état subjugation force had ended in a victory, and that was when the Wenranka family reinforced them. The siege ended after the Forthorthe army's second win.

After their second victory, the reborn Forthorthe army's reputation began spreading like wildfire across the country. As a result, they gained a large amount of recruits and supplies.

As their force grew past 3,000 men strong, Alaia finally made up her mind. They would recapture the capital, Fornorn, and defeat Maxfern. Several months after escaping from the capital, Alaia had
finally begun marching back to retake it.

And like so, the Forthorthe regular army and the coup d'état army headed towards Raustor. The regular army had 3,000 men and the coup d'état army had 4,000. The coup d'état hadn't brought all their forces here as they left soldiers behind to guard the borders and in case of riots.

With management in disorder because of the coup d'état, an invasion from neighboring countries was likely. And having suffered under several months of tyranny, the citizens were about to explode.

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