Monday, September 5, 2016

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha Volume 08

The Witches Scheme  

Sunday, January 31

Several months had passed since Maki had come to Kitsushouharukaze city.

During that time, she had been using a room in an apartment house.

Though she had been using that room for months, it still didn't feel like someone was living there. There was little to no furniture, and nothing that a girl her age would normally have was anywhere to
be seen. There was only a simple table and chair and a bed to sleep in. It was a dull room, almost like a prison cell.

“Come, Nightwalker!”

Maki's sharp voice echoed in that lonely room. A blue light was emitted from the front of her outstretched right hand. The next moment, an irregularity occurred in the same place.

The light was off, and the room was dark. However, the area in front of her right hand was even darker. A deep indigo mist spread out sideways. After a few seconds, the mist had spread to about a
meter in length. It then solidified and turned into a cane.

This cane had been given the name 'Nightwalker'. The cane had the function of amplifying one’s magical power, and it was a necessary tool for a magical girl like Maki. She grabbed the cane floating in the air and moved it overhead.

“Magic Communication Gem, Activate. Open Channel.”

Maki spoke out the words to activate the magical tools set up in the room. There were plenty of tools in the room, but the one she had activated let her communicate with her allies from far away.

Responding to Maki's voice, the gems buried into the wall began glowing. There were a total of six gems glowing: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple. With Maki in the center of the room, these gems began to surround her. The gems were emitting a dark light just like Maki's cane. The light gradually grew stronger, and eventually turned into the shape of a person. Girls wearing
outfits of the same color as the gem appeared one after another. The gems had created 3D images via magic; it was a convenient magical tool that let the users talk face to face.

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