Monday, September 5, 2016

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha Volume 07.5

Outside of Reason  

Space and time flows in a similar fashion as to a river.

The river starts at a small source, and as the volume of water increased, flowing from heights to lows, it splits for one reason or another. At the same time, two split rivers might reunite once more.
By repeating the cycle, the river spreads through the earth and moistens it.

Space and time are similar to that. At one point there was only one universe, but as time passed, it split into multiple universes. By flipping a coin, the universe could split simply by the outcome. If that coin was used to pick what team starts off in a football game, it could then possess the ability to largely influence said game. That split would then create a parallel universe. At the same time, it's possible for those split universes to rejoin. If that tossed coin had landed into a wishing well, the outcome wouldn't matter. The result would be buried by countless other coins and lose its meaning as it vanished into the quantum theory of probability. It is common for a universe to converge after a minute chance such as that, just like with a river. Even if a large rock blocked the flow, the river would just split up and reunite shortly thereafter. As the universe splits and reunites, history is knitted together. And we live in one of the strings of that knitted history.

Koutarou had been thrown out of that string.

The reason for that was the super space-time repulsion shell that Clan had been about to use. Knowing that it would cause a lot of damage, Koutarou split the shell in half and prevented it from being fired. But at that time, the energy stored in the warhead was unleashed. It detonated, and though it only was only a fraction of the effective area that Clan had designed, it was enough to swallow up her, her spaceship, the Cradle, and Koutarou, and threw them out of the universe.

Even worse, since the repulsion shell released its energy without any form of control, Koutarou and Clan were thrown out into the most problematic place of all.

They were at the beginning of the universe. If you were to compare it to a river, it would be considered the source.

The outside of the universe wasn't a place where something like a living creature could survive. No, not even material could exist. The laws of physics didn't even exist there, and to be precise, it couldn’t exactly be identified as a place. On top of that, Koutarou and Clan had been thrown to the beginning of the universe, where an unlimited amount universes and unlimited possibilities were being compressed. But at the same time, time was frozen. Although everything was possible, nothing could be done. Although it was the beginning, nothing was starting. It was the only exception in the
giant, unlimited knitting of the universe.

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