Monday, September 5, 2016

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha Volume 07

Santa and Harumi 

Tuesday, December 22

The bowling ball Koutarou threw bounced lightly once before heading straight down the lane. With quite a bit of speed, the bowling ball quickly reached the end of the 20-meter long lane.

The ball hit the middle pin, just as planned, and mowed down all the pins behind it. The pins outside of the ball’s course were taken down by the other pins.

“Fall down, all of you fall down!”

Koutarou shouted out with a loud voice, as if trying to knock over the pins with his fighting spirit. However, his fighting spirit didn't reach all of the pins, leaving one standing.

“Damn it, it wasn't enough.”
“Kou, you're too straightforward.”

Laughing at Koutarou as his shoulders dropped, Kenji stood up from his chair. Since it was a pair’s game, Kenji was up next.

“If you don't put a little bit more spin into it and stop aiming for the center pin, you're just going to be relying on luck.”

“Shut up. Just let me do what I want. Those petty tricks of yours just aren't for me.”
“Putting a little spin into it doesn't count as a trick.”

Having traded places with Koutarou, Kenji threw his ball with beautiful form. Unlike Koutarou's throw, the ball rolled down the lane in a smooth curve, thanks to the spin put on the ball.

It then rolled into the last remaining pin.

“With only one pin left, it doesn't matter if you put a spin on it or not.”

Thanks to Kenji's precise throw, they got a spare. But Koutarou looked like he was in a somewhat bad mood.

Today was December 22nd, and although it was the afternoon of a weekday, they had the day off thanks to the winter vacation.

Making use of the vacation, they had come to a bowling alley by the station to play. The reason why the two of them were playing together was because they were participating in a pair’s competition.

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