Monday, September 5, 2016

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha Volume 04

Clan and Hercules

Wednesday, September 2nd

Glowing stars in the pitch-black galaxy reflected off of Theia's eyes.
“It's Clan...”

That is what Theia mumbled as she stared at the monitor inside the bridge of the Blue Knight.

She wasn't speaking in a loud voice, but because there were very few people on the bridge, it reached everyone’s ears.

Only four people filled the giant bridge of the Blue Knight.

They were the staff of the Blue Knight: Theia and Ruth, along with Koutarou, who was cooperating as a part-time job, and Sanae, who had tagged along with him.

“What's that?”

Koutarou and Sanae had no idea what the word 'Clan' meant.
And as the two of them looked on in confusion, Ruth began explaining.

“Clan is the name of a person. It is the nickname for Clariossa Daora Forthorthe. Her highness Clariossa is the second princess of the Forthorthe Galactic Empire”

About ten days ago, the Blue Knight detected a nearby space-time rift.

It was determined to be another Forthorthe spaceship, but they had been unable to find the ship during all this time.

That was when Theia had mumbled Clan's name.
“But how do you know it's her, Tulip? You don't have any clues right?”

“Not having any clues is a clue in and of itself. The Blue Knight is a royal class battleship; there aren't that many ships that it cannot detect”

Starting with Theia's Blue Knight, it was common for royal class battleships to serve as flagships.
Having the royalty’s ship serve as the flagship raised the morale of the soldiers.

Because of that, the royal class battleships excelled in search operations and information warfare, since it would be a disgrace that a flagship wasn't aware of its surroundings.

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