Monday, September 5, 2016

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha Volume 03

Games and Lottery 

Friday, July 10th

Entering July, Koutarou and the other residents of room 106 could feel summer approaching.

Cicadas could be heard crying from outside as the strong sunlight entering the room raised the temperature.

The temperature was even higher with seven people crowding in a small six tatami mat room.
“Waaaaa! Blue Knight dieeeeeed!!”

“Well, if you keep pushing deep into the dungeon it was bound to happen”
“Tell me pleb! How do I save Blue Knight!?”

“Form a rescue party and get to where Blue Knight died”
“Alright, I'll give it a try! Stay here and give me advice, pleb!”

“I got it, just calm down. It's just a game”
“As if I could calm down! My Blue Knight died you know!?

Ahh, getting lazy and calling the magicians Yurika backfired!”
“That's a false accusation!”

The temperature in the room was even higher because of the worn-out console attached to the TV.

Koutarou had gotten his parents to buy him the console when he was young in order to keep up to date and he had gotten so attached to it he brought it with him to room 106.

And after Ruth found it while cleaning the wardrobe, it led to the current situation.

“You need useful members for a rescue mission so leave the low levels behind. You won't need a thief either”

“And what about the equipment!?”
“It's common for the rescue party to get stranded as well, so use the best equipment that you have available”

“I see, then let's go!”
Coming from a different planet, Theia showed interest in the console.

At first she was startled, but as she picked up a controller she behaved just like a kid playing a game for the first time.

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