Monday, September 5, 2016

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha Volume 02

A day in room 106 

Friday, April 24th

Satomi Koutarou's ability to wake up was absolutely terrible.

Today was no exception; even though the strong morning light shone down on him he showed no signs of waking up.

His mouth was wide open as he snored almost as loudly as the fridge's compressor.

The morning light bothered him so he thrashed about, however as he was right next to the wall he was only able to turn around halfway before colliding with it.

Koutarou had originally spread his futon in the center of the room, but he had been rolling around in his sleep. Before he knew it, he had rolled into a corner of the room  However because of that, the sunlight was no longer washing over him and he fell back into a deep sleep.

The time was now 6AM.

The sunshine past the window was bright and a wide blue sky stretched across the horizon.
It was now the later half of April and the temperature was starting to rise.

Opening the window would probably let in a breath of fresh air.
However the first thing to open in Corona House room 106 was not the window.

Along with a small sound, the tatami closest to the entrance lifted slightly.
And the plastic bag on top of it started shaking.

Inside of it several cup noodles could be seen.
However it soon stopped shaking.

The next moment, the mat lifted up from the ground and a girl appeared.
"...I keep telling her to put them away...”

Because the girl had lifted away the tatami, the cup noodles spilled out from the plastic bag.

The girl saw this and sighed. She then crawled up into room 106 with her long and beautiful black hair swaying.

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