Monday, September 5, 2016

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha Volume 01

Setting up Camp 

5,000 yen. That was Corona House's monthly rent for room 106.
Corona House was a two story wooden apartment that was built 25 years ago.

And the rent was lower since it's location is quite a distance from the center of town.

However a six tatami mat room with a kitchen, bathroom and toilet for 5,000 yen a month was an extraordinarily cheap apartment.

In reality the rent was, apart from room 106, about 10 times higher.

On top of that it was completely deposit free. But there was a reason why only room 106 was super cheap.

Every person who has moved in had without exception left just as quickly.
The quickest was three hours and the longest three months.

Leaving on the third day was the norm.
Because of that the rent kept dropping.

Entering this year the 10,000 yen rent had been cut in half before spring.

“Don't treat it carelessly, Mackenzie. The contents of that box are more valuable than your life”

Said the boy moving in to this super cheap apartment.

“You're telling me that, Kou? Compared to you I'm always careful”
“As long as you understand. Keep working, Mackenzie-kun”

“Yeah yeah... Who's helping who move I wonder? Geez”
The one moving in was Satomi Koutarou, 15 years old.

His childhood friend Matsudaira Kenji, also 15 years old, called him Kou.
In return Koutarou called him Mackenzie.

After the entrance ceremony the day after tomorrow they would both be high schoolers.
Today was Saturday the 4th of April.

Due to his father's sudden job transfer, Koutarou had begun living alone this spring.
Koutarou had visited a real estate agency who introduced him to Corona House.

Koutarou who had grown up alone with his single father did not want to be a burden for him and jumped at the offer, before even hearing the reason for the low rent.

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