Monday, September 5, 2016

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha Shunkashuutou


Satomi Koutarou was extremely bad at getting up in the mornings. Even if he had an important event in the day, that wouldn’t change. That’s how Koutarou had lived until now, sleeping without regard to the surroundings or issues around him. So the sight of Koutarou and Sanae sleeping together in
room 106 was a common one that put those who saw it in a pleasant mood.

“…Hey, Koutarou, wake up.”

However, there was an exception to every rule, seeing Koutarou spread-eagled, sleeping without a care was aggravating to someone who was tense in anticipation of an important event. Especially so when Koutarou was central to the event.

“Koutarou! Can’t you understand I’m telling you to wake up!? Honestly…”

Theia shook Koutarou, pulling her eyebrows together in annoyance. Today was the day she’d been waiting and waiting for, the performance of the second part of the play. So for Koutarou who was playing one of the main characters, the morning was full of work like having a final check through of
the script to avoid forgetting any lines. Despite this, Koutarou was still sleeping together with Sanae, making Theia dissatisfied.

“Why you… Today’s the performance, yet you’re so carefree… what do I do?”

Theia sat next to the still sleeping Koutarou, crossed her arms and began to think of how to wake him up. If it had have been just after they met, she would have probably used weapons, or trodden on him. It had probably become shaking him with both arms after summer, and in winter, she wanted to see his sleeping face. But she couldn’t do that now, she had to wake him up somehow.

“If it’s now…”

A scene from a movie she’d once seen came to Theia’s mind, a scene full of romance where a character woke their lover with a kiss. Immediately after remembering, the actors in her mind were replaced with her and Koutarou.

Theia’s cheeks were instantly dyed a deep red and she shook her head back and forth.
“I-I can’t do something like that! Wake up already! Wake up!”

To hide her embarrassment after thinking about something so daring, Theia raised her voice and started shaking Koutarou more violently.

“Nn, nnn~~~”

With that, Sanae, who had been sleeping whilst clinging on to Koutarou, let out a small sound. With the spiritual waves flowing over her changing chaotically from a slight anger, to strong affection and then to severe shyness, Sanae had woken up before Koutarou.

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