Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Masou Gakuen H×H Volume 9


That place was an oasis in the middle of a desert.

Greenery was spreading at the vicinity of a large river. People gathered, creating a city. The town made one imagine such a procession.

There was no wall around the city, but trees with tall height were planted, starting the city leniently. There was no external enemy that the city had to be vigilant towards. The bright light of the sun was reflected, by the buildings built from brick and stone of beige color that were standing in rows.

“……Is that the place?”

A girl covered in a mantle attached with a hood was staring at that city. Standing on the sand, her hood was deeply lowered to evade the bright sunlight.

It was as though the buildings were made from piled up square blocks. Generally there were a lot of the buildings that had two or three floors, but it wasn’t a city that was that tall. Because of that, the presence of the gigantic structure at the outskirt of the city felt even more bizarre.

A gigantic rectangle cone built from piled up stones. The so called pyramid.

Its height was about three hundred meters.

It was unclear just for what it was built and what kind of role it carried on. However, the gigantic structure that was enshrouded in mist, its mysteriousness made the person seeing it to keep guessing such thing and caused them to harbor indescribable thoughts of awe.

After staring at that pyramid glaringly, the girl began to walk while leaving behind footprint on the sand. The sleeve of the mantel flapped, the girl entered the lone city of the desert.

When she entered inside the city passing through the trees that blocked the wind, a well ordered townscape was spreading out before her. The buildings made from beautifully carved stones were lining up properly at both sides of the street. The buildings facing the main street seemed to be shops. Signboard and wide frontage, and counter and shelves inside could be seen. The street was completely made from stone paving, The sand blown in from the desert was swept by wind, flowing away smoothly.

At a glance, the scenery was like a city that often existed in the middle of a desert.

But there was one thing, that was obviously eerie.

That was the residents of this city.

In the end, was it okay to call them as humans?

On the limbs that were slim like branch, was a smooth head. A body that exposed out a frame that resembled a ribcage. The residents of this city were all in possession of machine bodies. Perhaps it was for maintenance, or maybe it was for anti-corrosive, or possible because it was for sand repellent, their bodies were wrapped with long clothes that were like bandage. Their appearances were just like a mummy.

Without uttering a single word, the residents were groaning out low sounds of mechanical movement while loitering in the city staggeringly. That sight was abnormal, even though the city was beautiful, it was eerie. The sight was as though a great number of ghosts were roaming the city.

Among that, the girl was walking without fear. She moved out her hand from below the mantle and lowered down her hood even lower to hide her face. Those fingers and hand were wrapped in bandages.

Her injury was still not completely healed. However when she thought that the bandage unexpectedly also became a camouflage, her feeling became a little comforted.

Nevertheless, the eerie residents walking throughout the city, were they moving with some objective in mind? Some were walking the street with shaky footsteps, some were standing still at the shop’s counter.

By any chance, were they dead people, and now they were repeating their act like they were still living? Such thinking suddenly welled up. However, there was no way to ascertain that.

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