Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ultimate Antihero Volume 4


The jet black mist swallowing Tokyo life sphere.

Inside it the labyrinth of the <Great Old One> Eihort was spreading.

Dampt air that clung to the skin was drifting, it was a labyrinth with stones covered in most.

The path that was only lighted up by will-o’-the-wisp burning on the bone white candlestand had troops possessing white wings on their back marching on it.

Stealing the body of the allied army force’s troops under the flag of <Five Great Leaders>, this was the army of angels.

Their number was actually more than 140,000.

But, their march wasn’t going smoothly.

The complexity of the labyrinth distorted in the fourth dimension. The length of that labyrinth. And then most of all――

“Shit-, these guys, from where……!”

{Kiikii, kii!}

――The attack from the monsters crawling the darkness of the labyrinth was obstructing their march.

Someone was pierced by a harpoon from a monster that looked like a frog with slimy tentacles in its head, someone else was gouged by the talon of humanoid monster without head flying in the air with bat wings, someone else was swallowed by swarm of malformed monstrous bug which looked like a cross of flea and spider where the victim was turned into skeleton.

They were the evil underlings that The <Evil God User> Kamishiro Homura summoned this labyrinth with his last strength.

The angels were receiving an attack by several tens of thousands underlings at an open space in the shape of a gigantic dome inside the labyrinth.

Their strength was beyond the angels’ power due to their incomplete manifestation by stealing human body.

The death throes echoing inside widely closed space made the angels displayed scared expressions.

However, “Really, what are you all doing so slowly like this.”

There were two people coming out to the front by pushing aside the angels that were scared of the darkness of the labyrinth.

As expected from the <Archangel> who stole the flesh of <S-Rank Magician> Wan Tairon and Sir James Weasley, their status was just different.

They stood in the front line and swung the artifact <Fangtian Huaji> and <Excalibur>, They faced the swarm of underlings that were approaching as a black tsunami and mowed them down.

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