Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ultimate Antihero Volume 3


<Vatican life sphere>

Race, religion, ideology… with the calamity that the <Demon King class> demon Typhon caused, the sense of values of human society that was once divided into many such parts were all returned to ash whether one wanted it or not, yet amidst that, this holy ground of the <Holy Path Church> continued to maintain its unique position as the [capital of the devout people of god] even now.

At the center of the capital of such zealous believers of the <Holy Path Church>, there was a large structure built in church architectural style that continued to exist even now even after going through the aforementioned great calamity.

St. Peter’s Basilica.
As the headquarters of the <Holy Path Church>, it was the stronghold of the pope Innocentius XVII.

It was once a flourishing and splendid church as a sightseeing spot, but right now the general public was forbidden to enter as it was now a government facility, a solemn silence spread out even when the sun was high in the sky.

However, that church which was usually didn’t have people coming and going to it, unusually had a visitor today.

Amidst the silence that made one feel the solemnity, there were three people walking with loud footsteps, The president of America   Joseph Franklin.

Britain’s prime minister    Leti Cline.
And then the secretary general of China Republic Union   Wan Tairon.

“By the way have you heard both of you? About the details of that fairy uproar.”

A great man with his body wrapped in a dazzling white suit, Wan Tairon talked to the other two walking with him inside the church with a hoarse unpleasant voice.

The stylish man with brilliant blonde hair and sparkling white teeth, Joseph Franklin returned a nod.

“It’s the story about how the <Holy Path Church> moved on its own in order to exterminate the fairy right? I am told that Alfaro-dono of the <Special Missionary> and a <Paladin> squad that he led attempted to exterminate the <Fairy Queen>, but due to <Evil God User>’s obstruction, they failed their duty.”

“Right, that’s the one. That gramps kept it secret even to us who were in that place and moved as he pleased. Do you know? That guy Alfaro, his ass got dug up by <Evil God User> from the other side of the earth and his consciousness still hasn’t returned yet yeah. Haha-.

He must have felt too good from his ass and still ain’t returning yet from heaven, that’s a pathetic story from the <Special>-sama that usually acts superior to us the S-class magicians.”

Towards Tairon who guffawed loudly from the ineptitude of the <Holy Path Church>, the middle aged woman clad in intelligence that even made one feel it hard to approach her, Leti Cline let out a sigh saying “How vulgar…”.

“However it’s incomprehensible. <Evil God User> is supposed to be poor at detecting other people’s magic power even more than average people due to the height of his magic power.

It’s hard to imagine that he can attack accurately calculating the position of a human located on the other side of the equator.”

“That’s probably because of the power of that Onjouji girl. That girl was on the actual scene at that time, so she should be able to calculate accurately the coordinates. And then even transmitting that information to the <Evil God User> who was in Australia, it was surely not something impossible by making use of her power as a <Saint>.”

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