Friday, August 26, 2016

The Zashiki Warashi of Intellectual Village Volume 7


In all likelihood, it had been connected by a single thread from the beginning.
It was just that no one could see it.

Zashiki Warashi – Yukari
“I would rather you didn’t shove all the battling onto a Zashiki Warashi. I am completely confident I would lose spectacularly to another Youkai  and even to a human if they were Onmyouji class.”

“We are retrieving our former glory by taking back the Zashiki Warashi that left our house.”

Jinnai Shinobu
“Fall down to the depths of the earth, Hyakki Yakou!!”

“Anyway, I was a character involved in all of this, so how about you reach out a loving hand to help me. More specifically, Hyakki Yakou proved more of a threat than I thought and I can’t seem to escape them, so shelter me here ”☆

Each incident had been on a large scale and they had not had time to take a step back and view it as a whole.

They never considered that something lurked deeper inside.

“I do not care about the economic damage the Australian government is so concerned about. I want to acquire the Succubus in your possession and rise to the position of the true witches of old.”

“The witch Marguerite Steinhols and the demon Tselika Wien Alpha Chelydia Lumidrier now enter into an honest connection that crosses thishonest world.”

“The real question is whether a witch who thought a Succubus would be a nice, safe option will be able to control a great demon that just barely did not rank on the level of a demon that symbolizes one of the seven deadly sins.”

The biggest cause would have been Zenmetsu Village ruled by the Toubyou.

But even that fact only becomes clear in hindsight. They had not had the timeto think about it at the time.

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