Friday, August 26, 2016

The Zashiki Warashi of Intellectual Village Volume 2

Chapter 1: Jinnai Shinobu @ Clock With a Different Gear

Even though it was midsummer, the early morning air was cool. When you lived in an old Japanese-style house, the outside temperature had a large effect on the inside temperature. I lived in a giant thatch roof house that's only advantages were its size and age. In one room of that house, I held
the replacement for the smartphone that had been destroyed in the previous incident.

It had just arrived from the service center in an early morning delivery.

I lived in an Intellectual Village that created an extremely high class brand name out of the rural area so that grapes were 30,000 yen a bunch and the water flowing through a nearby river was 300 yen a liter. But to obtain the proper feeling of the rural, the area had few stores. For that reason, quite a few different services were handled via online shopping. The delivery companies tried to distinguish themselves by adding on various additional services such as having their trucks function as supermarket-like food carts in case people felt like making an additional purchase when their package was delivered.

At any rate…

It seemed my smartphone had not been repairable, so they had taken the data out of it, added it to a new phone, and sent me that. It was a different model, so the smartphone's body seemed a bit thinner than the old one.

But getting a newer version wasn't a bad thing.

My index finger operated all the basic apps to make sure it was working properly. As I did so, I used the digital camera to take a picture of my own face.

Just as it made an unnecessary shutter sound effect, I heard a whisper from the Zashiki Warashi (long black hair, red yukata, and an incredibly glamorous body) who had entered my room at some point.

"Catching a glimpse of your household's narcissism is more disheartening than I thought it would be."

"Don't be silly. It's just that the camera's settings seem off."

I really was being super kind to so thoroughly explain what was going on to that glamorous Zashiki Warashi that never gave any fortune to her household and instead lazed around talking about pointless crap.

"Look, there's something wrong with how it gathers the light. It took the gleaming of my blond hair as the standard and now my skin color is way off."

"Maybe you're a special exception, Shinobu."
"Maybe. Okay, Zashiki Warashi, give me an awkward smile."

I casually pointed the smartphone at the indoor Youkai and pressed the shutter button on the screen using my index finger.

"See? It took the red of your yukata as the standard. Your skin looks really rough."

"Maybe I can manually adjust the values in my profile. …What's this? By setting the camera to video mode for about 5 seconds in each photographing environment, the focus regulator will automatically detect the ideal values? But I already did-…ow! What is it, Zashiki Warashi? Why are you kicking me in the shin? …Ow, that hurts!"

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