Sunday, August 21, 2016

Owari no Chronicle Volume 7


Step Toward Preparation

During the night, everything but the moon and stars seemed to sink.
And those lights in the night sky illuminated the many things sinking into the earth.

The  light  first  displayed  the  mountains  which  rose  up  from  the  earth.  The shadows of the mountaintops led to shadows of trees as the forests on the slopes were revealed.

The  vast  mountainous  region  was  made  up  of  those  tree-covered  rooftops awash with pale light and the gatherings of shadow down below.

A part of this mountainous region formed a plain.
It was a large and flat expanse of land.

It had a radius of about two kilometers, it was surrounded by forest, and it was covered by underbrush that had died down for winter.

Exposed  to  the  wind  and  rain  and  covered  in  gravel,  the  ground  currently displayed a few points of color.

The colors were red lights that appeared much weaker than the lights shining down from the sky.
The ember-like scarlet lights came from heated metal.

The metal was hot wreckage.
And the countless pieces of burning metal illuminated something from below: people standing or collapsed among the wreckage.

A battle had taken place.
The  collapsed  defeated  wore  white  armored  uniforms  and  they  were  all injured and unmoving.

The standing victors wore black armored uniforms and…
“It seems we’ve opened the way.”

A mechanical voice spoke and a large form walked through as if parting the wreckage.
What looked like a small mountain was actually a forty meter dragon made of machine parts.

The mechanical dragon carried a large container on his back and he looked to the standing people.
“Restrain  the  UCAT  guards  and  carry  them  into  the  forest  on  the  side.

Maintenance team, you work on me and on Tatsumi’s Typhon. I need my Justice Armor Lv. 9 attached.”

“It’s just normal armor, so stop calling it that, Alex.”
That comment came from the darkness directly above.

A white giant descended while carrying a large container overhead.
The moonlight washed over the ten-meter six-winged god of war covered in white armor.

A  long-haired  girl,  Tatsumi,  stood  on  the  god  of  war’s  shoulder  and  she continued speaking as the giant silently landed.

“Enemy  reinforcements  were  coming  from  below,  so  I  silenced  them  on  my way here. This will probably develop into a battlefield with long lines soon, so we need to get these Concept Core containers inside quickly.”

Tatsumi looked forward into the vast expanse of the sky.
Everyone could see a massively tall shadow that seemed to rise endlessly into the night sky.

It was so faint they had to strain their eyes to see it and it looked like a great wall filling the entire plain, but it never seemed to end no matter how high they craned their necks.

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