Sunday, August 21, 2016

Owari no Chronicle Volume 5-B

Chapter 20

Lesson in the Dark

A small room was filled with blue light.
The room was bell shaped and had a diameter of about five meters.

The walls and floor were made of stone cut much like bricks and it had no windows.
The room was underground.

It had a single entrance and led nowhere else.
It appeared empty except for the desk in the center.

A bookcase sat on the desk, but it held no books.
There was a pen holder that doubled as a paperweight, but it held no pens. And yet a clear inkbottle sat next to it.

A boy stood in front of the desk and the items on it.
He wore a suit with the name Sayama stitched inside it.

He looked around the room and behind him.
“There is nothing else here.”

He had solved the riddle in the Kinugasa residence’s storehouse and he had reached this room by taking the staircase that had appeared.

The stairs into the darkness had continued down for about twenty meters before arriving at this room.
He had not noticed any tricks in the staircase passageway.

. . . So is the Kinugasa Document in this underground space?
He looked around again, but there was still nothing.

“This is supposed to be a study, so what is this?”
As he muttered to himself, he pulled a document from his pocket.

It was the Georgius Development Plan. His father had written it, but the project had been abandoned before completion. He read one line printed on the cover.

“Written based on the Kinugasa Document acquired at the Kinugasa residence.”
The supposed Kinugasa Document should have been here.

Had his parents taken it back with them and had it since been thrown out or sealed away?

“I can reject that boring possibility. If my parents had taken back what they found here, would that have included every last pen and every last book in the bookcase? And if they did, would they leave the paperweight behind?

No, they would not.”
He vigorously swung his arm up and pointed in an arbitrary direction.

The cloth of the suit gave a nice snapping sound as he posed and spoke.
“There is something hidden here. Yes, the shy truth is hiding in this very room.”

He laughed and brought a hand to his forehead.
He breathed a sigh of self-praise before continuing.

“I am in an excellent mood today, I sound magnificent even as I speak to myself, and just one problem faces me here: where have the contents of the study gone?”

He stretched his empty right hand toward the inkbottle on the desk.
He picked it up, checked the ink from the side, and found about half of the black ink was gone.

“This is the answer.”
He flicked the bottle’s lid with his thumb and it opened with the sensation of scraping across dry dirt.

The sticky smell of ink reached his nose.

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