Sunday, August 21, 2016

Owari no Chronicle Volume 5-A


Beginning of the End

There was a sound.
It was a low electronic tone sounding four times to indicate the hour.

But that sound was not the only one permeating the air.
Another higher-pitched sound continued without end: a set of footsteps.

Those footsteps traveled down a white corridor. The windows of that corridor showed the early morning from four stories above ground.

A woman was walking down the corridor. She had red hair, a slender body, and a maid uniform. Her right hand held a box of food.

She and the footsteps both stopped in front of a certain room.
The white door contained a placard with the handwritten words “The Holy and Incredible Ooshiro Kazuo’s Room”.

When she saw the placard, the woman tilted her head and lowered the box to the floor.
“I have determined this requires correction.”

She pulled a magic marker from her chest and rewrote a portion so it now said “The Wholly Incorrigible Ooshiro Kazuo’s Room”. She replaced the rewritten placard and then straightened it.

“Well done. I have determined that was an excellent job.”
She pressed the button next to the door to open the door.

But it did not open.

She tilted her head in confusion and turned to look at the button.
She noticed a piece of paper stuck next to it which contained a cartoonish drawing of Ooshiro giving a thumbs up.

“Make a weird noise and the door will open!” the drawing said.

#8 corrected her posture and tried to decide what to do, but the concept of “weird noises” did not exist within an automaton. Any noise an automaton made had the approval of their accurate decisions.

No automaton’s decisions would approve of something “weird”.
While trying to figure out what to do, she realized she had forgotten something.

As was the custom near the end of the month, the rooms were to be cleaned today and some preliminary preparations were needed for that.

That was why she faced the closed door and spoke through her shared memory.
“#23, spray insecticide into the room in front of me.”

While determining that she was satisfied with how #23 responded without question, she picked up the box from the floor with her right hand.

A moment later, she heard something from beyond the white door.

The automatic door opened and a transparent gas entered the corridor like shimmering heat.
Beyond the door, #8 saw a large white room.

Below the fluorescent lights on the ceiling, Ooshiro was dancing within the shimmering gas.
. . . I have determined this is perfectly normal.

She passed by the intensely dancing old man in a lab coat who was holding his throat.
“Ooshiro-sama, I have brought your dinner.”

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