Sunday, August 21, 2016

Owari no Chronicle Volume 3-C

Chapter 25

Afternoon of Misunderstanding

On the afternoon beach, two boys faced each other with wooden swords in hand.

With the ocean in the background, the short one on the right ran forward and the large one on the left received him.

Hiba and Izumo were holding a mock battle.
The UCAT members watched them from the shade of the trees leading to the beach.

Amid them, a girl sat alone on the beach, watching Hiba’s movements.
It was Mikage.

As she watched, Hiba was wary of Izumo’s lowered sword yet moved swift and low.

She had predicted this action.

While joined with Susamikado, Hiba would always do that. It was a pattern he specialized in.

By lowering his body and moving quickly, he would sink below his opponent’s field of vision. Even if his opponent caught sight of him again, his lowered body would hide the movements of his arms and legs.

. . . He’s faster with Susamikado’s wings.

She knew Hiba would win. She had almost never seen anyone but Hiba fight, but he had never once lost to the gods of war that came to kill her.

Also, he had learned a lot of techniques from his grandfather who lived in Okutama.
She did not know how his grandfather had destroyed 3rd-Gear.

He had used Susamikado, but she did not know how the god of war had been summoned. Despite having an automaton body, she had been a child too young to recognize her parents’ faces at the time.

. . . Susamikado.
That power had been left to her along with the destructive weapon named Keravnos.

Just like her, the god of war had been rolled out with some defects remaining. Cronus may not have finished in time or Zeus may have caught on and hurried him, but it was an incomplete product.

The first time she recalled summoning it was when a 3rd-Gear god of war had suddenly appeared and Hiba had been injured.

Her evolution had stopped on that night.
Hiba said she might need 3rd-Gear’s concept core to evolve.

. . . So what am I doing here?
As she watched, Hiba charged up to Izumo.

The surrounding people cried out, but she held her impaired legs in her arms and mouthed some words.

“What am I doing?”
. . . All I do is rely on Ryuuji-kun.

Right now, he was not fighting for her evolution. She understood he had his own life, so she felt bad for feeling disappointed. It felt like she was restraining him and she did not like it.

. . . This is my problem, not his.
As she added that comment in her heart, she heard more voices.

Izumo had reacted to Hiba.
He made the first attack, but he did not use the lowered sword.

He kicked with his right leg while standing on his left leg which he had moved forward.

The shovel-like kick slammed into Hiba from below as he ran forward.
Mikage heard the sound of impact and a comment from Kazami next to her.

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