Sunday, August 21, 2016

Owari no Chronicle Volume 3-B

Chapter 12

One Side of Their Feelings

The battlefield was on the move.
It was morning on the two lane road leading into Taka-Akita Academy through the main entrance.

The concept space left the campus deserted and the road continued in a straight line for fifty meters after passing through the gate. At that point, it reached a schoolyard and took a ninety degree turn to the left.

Aigaion who was carrying blonde Mikage and Gyes who wore a red suit continued on past that corner.

About a dozen meters behind them, two motorcycles entered through the gate. Both had a large engine displacement, but one had a cowl and the other did not. The former was driven by the short boy named Hiba and the latter contained Izumo and Kazami.

Izumo recklessly turned the corner from the main road and Gyes opened her mouth while running ahead.

She held up a metal board containing a philosopher’s stone.
“We will add on another concept!” she shouted.

A moment later, the small metal board burst and the world changed.
—People understand each other’s feelings.

“Ha ha,” she laughed. “This ridiculous concept was created by rearranging the concept allowing humans to combine with machines, but it’s quite effective against human enemies.”

And. . .
“Rejoice in your newfound understanding, humans!”

While riding on Izumo’s bike, Kazami heard Gyes.
. . . What kind of concept is it!?

She focused on her surroundings for a moment, but she could detect nothing strange with her senses. She did not notice anything amiss with gravity, sound, wind, light, or the form and state of matter.

Then what is it? she wondered just as she noticed something.
The scene around her was somehow different from earlier. The back of Izumo’s dress shirt had been visible before, but now she saw something else directly in front of her.

“The motorcycle’s console?”
The familiar site of Izumo’s arms extended from the right and left to hold the grips.

She moved her head to look at herself and realized what had happened.
“Did Kaku and I. . . ?”

“We were switched out.”
The slightly high-pitched voice from behind caused Kazami to shudder.

She frantically looked back and found herself. To see if Izumo was inside, she asked a probing question.

“Um. . . Is that you inside me, Kaku?”
“No? Don’t be silly. I’m Chisato. . . . Gwah! You’re willing to punch yourself!?”

“I don’t give a coquettish smile like that when I talk, so stop teasing me. . . . Oh, no! I just punched myself without thinking!? Am I okay?”

“Y-yeah. It might be your delicate build, but I’m feeling a bit dizzy.”
“Ahh, I can’t believe I ended up hurting myself like this!”

“Face forward, Chisato!”
It was weird being ordered around by herself, but she looked forward.

The ninety degree left turn was coming up and the schoolyard lay directly ahead. To their right, Hiba tilted his motorcycle to turn along with them.

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