Sunday, August 21, 2016

Owari no Chronicle Volume 3-A


On a Trip of Self-Questioning

Two automatic doors led to a large white airtight space. The fifty square meter white walls, floor, and ceiling were all covered with light emitting panels.

The placard at the entrance illuminated by that light was printed with the name of the space: Training Room 9.

Four people sat in the center of the training room. They were taking a break after completing their training. They all wore white and black armored uniforms and they were looking at small handmade documents.

The first one to speak was the well-built young man in the center. He held up the document in his hand as he did.

”Anyway, we have three days until Team Leviathan’s summer training camp known as the ‘we have less than five months until the world grows too negative and is destroyed, so let’s go to the beach and hope someone’s top falls off’ training camp, but. . . What is it, Sayama you idiot?”

Before he could say anymore, the boy who had raised his hand spoke.
”Izumo, while the name of the camp is surprisingly good, I must ask. . . ”

”I know, I know. You want to know about the next Leviathan Road, right?”
Sayama nodded and turned to the long-haired girl sitting to his left.

”We need to take action soon, but that will likely make us quite busy. Did you have any plans for summer break, Shinjou-kun?”

”Hm. I want to beat some of the new games I got, but I guess the Leviathan Road is more important.” Shinjou smiled bitterly and turned to the other two people. ”Kazami-san, what about you two?”

”No, I don’t think we have anything,” answered the girl directly across from her. She brushed up her short hair as she continued. ”But do you know where 3rd-Gear is, Sayama? I hear we still have a few of the 3rd-Gear automatons that fell into our possession when 3rd was destroyed, but I’ve never heard anything about the location of the other 3rd-Gear remnants.”

”The other day, the old man gave me a hint concerning that. He mentioned a large-scale string vibration abnormality in the Kurashiki region about five years ago.”

”Kurashiki? You mean. . . ?”
Shinjou looked up at the ceiling in thought and Kazami immediately spoke up.

”That’s in Okayama. It’s the Kojima Peninsula. According to the Divine States-World Interaction Theory, that’s Greece. So are they there?”

”No. It seems the Okayama branch immediately investigated but was unable to detect 3rd-Gear’s presence. But we might find some sort of hint if we go there. And before that, I would like to meet the automatons kept in UCAT custody.”

”I see,” muttered Shinjou.
. . . 3rd-Gear.

That Gear became the basis of Greek mythology and had created automatons and the giant humanoid weapons known as gods of war.

”The Concept Core was split in two and one half is held by Typhon, right?”

”Yes, and Typhon is most likely a god of war.” Izumo scratched his head as he continued. ”But we don’t know where the other half is. And with 3rd-Gear, we’ll probably be up against gods of war, so the Leviathan Road is probably gonna be tricky.”

Shinjou nodded.

Thanks to the concept activation ten years prior, UCAT was able to stabilize the operation of automatons and gods of war. Before that, they had only been able to construct an unstable concept space for humanoid machines, so their development of automatons and gods of war had been mostly guesswork.

”I wonder if 3rd-Gear’s remnants are living in this world with Typhon.”

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