Sunday, August 21, 2016

Owari no Chronicle Volume 2-B

Chapter 14: Location of the Answer

Sing the song of temporary relief
Will that achieve preparation or rest?

All will be known at the conclusion
A certain 10 square meter room had wooden floors and brown wallpaper.

It was a kitchen.
A skylight on the white roof let in the noontime sun. A sink, stove, and refrigerator sat along the wall. Three people were eating lunch at the table in the center.

Two girls sat on the east side of the table by the entrance. They were named Mikoku and Shino.
An elderly Arab man sat on the west side of the table by the refrigerator.

His name was Hajji.
His white scarred left eye was closed and he held a newspaper in his left hand. In this right hand…

"Isn't it a bit early for alcohol, father?" asked Mikoku.
He turned from the glass in his right hand and focused on her.

Mikoku was staring at him while eating pasta with nothing but olive oil on it.
"What is it, Mikoku? This is no different from normal."

Hajji knew what it meant when Mikoku acted differently than normal.
"Do you have a request to make for Shino? You do, don't you? Hm?"

"Nn… You are as sharp as ever. Shino."
"Eh? Oh, okay." Shino had not touched the pasta on the plate in front of her. "U-um, father. I have a request."

"What is it? I will do anything within my power." Hajji then began to think with his hand on the newspaper. "Could you wait a moment? It has been a while since we have had this sort of conversation, so I want to act like a real family by guessing what it is you want. Let's see…"

"Do you know?"

"Yes." Hajji immediately nodded. "Have you fallen in love!? Hm? That's it, isn't it? I'm jealous of this guy. Ha ha ha," he laughed. "I'll burn him at the stake!"

"That is illegal in Japan, father. And Shino would not like that."
"Kwah! You are as cement-like as ever, Mikoku."

It seemed his guess had been wrong, so Hajji hid his mouth with his hand.
"That was a joke. It was just an opening jab, so it doesn't count, okay? This next one will be for real."

"You are not going to guess it, so just hurry up."
Hajji ignored Mikoku and thought for a full minute. However…

…I don't know.
He started to sweat.

…Not good. Think harder.
There had been no problems with food lately.

Shino was handling the shopping herself and she had offered to take turns cooking because Mikoku's cooking only came in three varieties: grilled, boiled, and raw.

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