Sunday, August 21, 2016

Owari no Chronicle Volume 2-A

Prologue: The Beginning of False Testimony

The beginning contradictorily tells of the end
Where does that wind lead?
The heavens were filled with the dark colors of night, but no stars could be seen.

This was Tokyo. The moving people shook the air and artificial lights erased the stars from the night sky.

A certain sound was audible in one street of that city.
It was a solid sound. A metal tip was striking the asphalt.

A voice joined the sound.
"Sf, what do you think of Tokyo's Kanda district at night?"

Those words were spoken by a gray-haired man wearing a black suit. He used a metal cane to walk alongside a white-haired maid named Sf.

Sf spun around and looked around the area when she heard his question.
"The sidewalks are filled with people and the roads with cars, but I have determined they are all moving toward the train station."

"Oh? And does a wise automaton such as yourself know why?"
"Tes, I have determined they are hurrying home, Itaru-sama."

"I see," said the gray-haired man with a nod. Sf stopped in front of him.
"What is it, you stupid automaton? Are you trying to block your master's path?"

Sf was holding both hands out. Those small hands were holding something.
"What's with that small piece of paper and stamp?"

"To put it simply, this is an 'I did what Itaru-sama wanted' point card. Once I reach 20 points, I can praise myself. I usually stamp it myself, but this is the 20th point. Itaru-sama, you do the honors."

Itaru narrowed his eyes as he took the card and stamp and stamped it.
"What is this weird super deformed face symbol?"

"It is you, Itaru-sama. It was developed by the UCAT development department."
Sf took back the card and bowed.

"Excuse me a moment."
She rubbed her own head with her right palm, lowered her hand, and spoke expressionlessly.

"Tes. I am done."
"Is once enough? You sure are modest."

"If you wish, I can do it any number of times."
"Once is enough. And don't do that in front of people. …Who knows what they would think."

"Tes. I will only do it in front of you, Itaru-sama."
"Oh? Sorry, but I'm a person, too."

"If you say so, Itaru-sama."
Itaru gave no response.

He began walking again. His feet and cane chose a path leaving the road.

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