Sunday, August 21, 2016

Owari no Chronicle Volume 1-B

Chapter 14: Proof of Determination

Wondering what you are being shown
Might very well be
The same as wanting to see something

Brunhild began to glide after approximately half an hour of flying at full speed.

She watched the scenery shooting by at high speed. The area down below had been dark for a bit, but it had once more grown bright.

She could see the lights of a city below and a bay gouged out a section to the southwest.
"Kobe, Osaka, and Sakai."

Brunhild muttered the names of the cities visible below and used her right fingertips to lightly tap the blue philosopher's stone used to pilot the broom.

As her speed decreased, she checked to make sure a single vertical stability wing had emerged from the bottom of the broom. Being in the windbreak area she lifted her body up.

Her toes were still on the brush, so her position was similar to being seated seiza-style. The light coming from the brush had returned to being bluish-white, so Brunhild lightly tapped the stone to bring the light outside of the visible spectrum.

"Doing this at low speed has terrible fuel efficiency."
She sighed, wiped frost from the end of her three-cornered hat, and looked back down.

The light below her was dwindling once more. The darkness of a mountainous area was filling the area below.

As she stared down at the earth, she spoke to the cat clinging to the tip of the handle.
"Hey, there's the forest."

She waited for five seconds, but received no response. She tilted her head and looked forward.

The cat was clinging to the broom handle with its entire body. And that was all it was doing.
For some reason, the cat's body was glittering slightly in the moonlight.

Brunhild looked closer to find the cat's entire body was covered by frost.
That frost was reflecting the moonlight.
"How pretty," she muttered just before the cat came loose from the handle.

It lost its balance and fell down. After watching for a moment, Brunhild let out an "ah" and stretched out an arm. She grabbed the cat's tail and pulled it back up.

She held the black cat in front of her face. Its eyes were opened wide and staring straight forward and both ends of its mouth were frozen in place while raised up as far as they would go. Brunhild frowned and shook the cat up and down.

"What are you doing? That's dangerous."
Finally, the cat gave a start.

"Wah!" it shouted and shook its legs. "I-I-I-I'm gonna die! You're killing me!"
"What's the matter? You make this sound so dangerous. Did you have a bad dream again?"

"Y-y-y-y-yes yes yes! I had a dream I was thrown into the air and frozen!
…That was a dream, right?"

"Of course it was. But how very odd. You fell asleep with history's most amused expression." Brunhild held the cat in one arm. "Well, even if you had a scary dream, don't worry. I am here."

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