Sunday, August 21, 2016

Owari no Chronicle Volume 1-A

Prologue: Saint's Song

He called out.
She sang.

Those words continued until the sound completely vanished.
It was night.

An area of land emitted light below the darkness of the heavens.
It was a city.

In the center of this city, a large white structure sat where the railways gathered.
This train station building stood eight stories tall.

The second story of the north entrance was made into a large terrace with the words "Tachikawa Station North Entrance" displayed in blue.

The clock on the opposite building read 10 PM. The station building's workers had left for the night, but the last train was still a long way off.

However, no one could be seen in the station, on the station terrace, or on the traffic circle in front of the station.

Below a row of green-leaved trees along near the traffic circle was a line of cars. However, not one of these cars was moving. No busses were running either. The train tracks stretching away from the station had no trains running on them.

The entire area was deserted.
A single noise could be heard in that unmoving world.

It came from above.
It was on the eastern side of the upper levels of the station building.

Specifically, a tenant window on the seventh floor. Someone was beating on the window from within.
The silhouette visible through the glass was feminine.

She suddenly stopped moving. Then she left the window and ran in the opposite direction.

The very next moment, a new shadow appeared in the window.
Taking the place of the feminine figure was a large silhouette over two meters tall.

It slammed into the window.
The window bent, bulged out, and then broke when it could no longer withstand the force.

A single shattering sound could be heard. It was followed by the sound of shards spraying out into the air.

Three silver arcs shot out the window as if trying to scratch at those glimmers scattering through the air.

They were claws.
Those arcs of light scratched at the flying glass shards with compact movements.

The giant shadow the claws belonged to turned around as it swung its arm.
In the space of half a breath, the shadow disappeared from the window frame. It was pursuing the fleeing feminine figure.

The outside wind blew into the building as if following after the shadow.

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