Sunday, August 21, 2016

Owari no Chronicle DC


The Usual

I am always
Wishing for this

The pale blue expanse of the sky contained clouds that looked drawn on with a brush.
It was the winter sky and the sun shined down from its late morning height.

A train to Tokyo traveled down the Chuo Line.
It left the station building that contained a banner for a 2005 Christmas sale and it continued east.

The train picked up speed as it cut through the city that was enjoying its year-end festival.
It was midday on Christmas.

“Christmas, huh?”
A voice spoke in the Tokyo-bound train.

It came from the center of the long seat halfway down the nearly empty front car.
“Look, Shinjou-kun. An IAI food cart bus is having a Christmas sale in front of Kunitachi Station.”

“Eh? Where, where, Sayama-kun?”

Sayama in his suit pointed out the window and Shinjou in her orange jacket tried to peer out.
“Oh, you’re right! They’re doing something suspiciously lively!”

“Yes, they are. Look over there. There is even a life-size Santa doll.”

“Oh, yeah. The Santa doll is naked and hanging upside down with a sign saying, ‘My Peter-class hard
luck will protect you from Satan!’ …That can’t be right!!”

“Ha ha ha. It is within the margin of error, so there is nothing to worry about.”
“Really?” said Shinjou while Sayama laughed and looked to the station as it grew more distant.

They were moving east. As the midday sun shined on the Chuo Line to Tokyo, their train was asempty as one would expect of a rapid-service train.

They had an important “job” that night.
Every UCAT would be working together and they had the central role, so they had to gather at Mitaka
where a base had already been set up.

They were scheduled to meet at three in the afternoon and Shinjou checked the current time on her

“One o’clock. Even with just rapid-service, we’ll still arrive in Mitaka a little early, Sayama-kun.
But Ooshiro-san said to take things easy before this big job.”

“There is something we could do, Shinjou-kun.”
Shinjou nodded, thought for a moment, and spoke up with some regret in her voice.

“Yes. If possible, I would have wanted to relax together some more.”

“Yes,” replied Sayama as he lightly crossed his arms. “I understand just how you feel. So in the short
time until Mitaka…we can flirt together.”

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