Monday, August 8, 2016

Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo! Volume 10

Interlude 1 

-Little Garden Upper Level 3rd gate; Touriten

Surrounded with floating sacred lotuses, a path way lined with peach trees led to Heavens Gate. In this land where usually the only sounds came from the running water or the blowing wind, sharan, the gracious sound of a bell rang out. The sound of the bell moved the clear air of heaven, echoing from nowhere to everywhere. The bells sound called about a beautiful cool wind, and made the glimmering silver hair flutter.


Sharan, Shiroyasha moved another step with a rare expression of concern and looked up.

That face did not have her usually jovial grin. While standing with an expression of great resolve, her eyes showed nothing but seriousness. Shiroyasha softly touches the heavens gate that was shut closely.

Touriten; made to connect heaven and earth with the purpose to send out the Godly Alliance community that thought to destroy Demon Lords, “Divine Army”.

If those powerful gods that were seated in the third ranks were to descend on to earth with their original form, just being there would be a disaster that would shake both heaven and earth.

The gate that was made in order reduce this effect is the Heavenly Gate Touriten.
The Touriten that makes reversal of the Astral and Material  possible can send out gods and Star spirits in the form best fit for their environment.

Shiroyasha, who kept her silver-white hair fluttering , kept her hands lain on the gate while bitterly chewing her lips.

“…… I suppose its impossible to open without being in the "Divine Army".”
She pushed the gate, but the Touriten did not move an inch.

With Shiroyasha’s power destroying it would have been easy, but there was no guarantee that the Touriten would still function properly. It was not that there was no other way, but descending from heaven without using the gate was strictly prohibited.

If a god were to descend without using the gate, it would cause a disaster regardless of the god’s intention. Also, if a former Demon Lord like Shiroyasha were destroy the gate, she would have made enemies with all the gods. While biting her lips with a mortified expression Shiroyasha strongly closed her eyes and turned the hand that touched the Touriten into a fist.

“I do not have time to meet Taishakuten
….......... For the situation on the lower floors, every second counts.”

Shiroyasha closed her eyes, and sent her conscious to the lower floors.
The death match held in Kouen City against Ouroboros.

The prince and company that is leading the vampirised giants.
The duel style game that is being played in Kouen City, “Tain Bo Cuailnge in AthnGabla”.

Sakamaki Izayoi, Kudou Asuka, Kasukabe Yō, all were fighting with enemies that had as much experience as a Demon Lord, and were fighting with their own abilities.

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