Friday, August 5, 2016

Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo! Volume 9

Chapter 1 - A certain normal day in Little Garden 

Part 1 

Different Eras.
Different Worlds.

And a curious and incredible letter delivered to the trio of a teenage boy and girls who should never have had a common point of intersection in their normal lives.

And, the contents of the letter was as follow:
“Boys and girls with wondrous talents and much distress, I address thee! If you strive to test your Gifts, then cast aside your friends, your possessions, your world, and come to our Little Garden“
Instantaneously, the horizons of the trio were absurdly unfolded.

And as the situation changed sharply, they were then dropped from a location approximately 4000m above ground.

The horizon that spread before the eyes of the trio had a cliff that looked like the edge of the world.
Towards the ground, the cities were covered by a huge Veil and it caused the phenomenon that seemed to give a misleading proportion to its actual scale.

The world that they were summoned to— is a perfect other world.

Part 2 

—The time was noon and the location was the streets before Little Garden’s Outer Walls of Outer Gate Number 2105380.

In other words, it was at the doors, flanked with the carved stone tigers, which connected the city to the outside.

Traders who carried large backpacks and men with large frames who looked confident with their fighting abilities were walking along the street that led to the city’s centre.

And a girl, who wore an extremely provocative miniskirt, stocking suspenders and a pair of rabbit ears, cried out.

“Baka! You Bakas! You…… super stupid bakas!!!”

A resounding cry that tore through the heavens.
This girl, whose usagimimi 1  were perked up in anger, was none other than the perpetuator who summoned the trio from the other worlds— Sakamaki Izayoi, Kudou Asuka and Kasukabe Yō with the invitation letters.

And currently, this girl was giving the trio a lecture.
“It hasn’t been an hour since you guys set out from the City and Kuro Usagi was just thinking when would you guys be back……Ah~ mo Really now, how did things develop to this extent…….?!”

Kuro Usagi was hugging her head in what seemed to be a headache while before her were the trio from different worlds who were pretending not to know anything.

Let’s rewind the story back to an hour ago.

The setting was in the City of Little Garden, in front of the Fountain Plaza that was the neatly arranged stone paved Peribed Avenue. Izayoi and the others who were sitting in the open-air café, which had a banner of [Six Scars] flapping in the wind, had a question for Kuro Usagi’s words.

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