Friday, August 5, 2016

Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo! Volume 8


Sunny  spring,  the  season  where  blooming  flowers  exude  a sweet aroma.

Gazing outside the window from the hospital ward, were cherry blossoms that signified the arrival of a new season. The spring breeze masked the smell of medicine in the ward, replacing it with the fragrance of flowers.

Lying on the hospital bed was a very bored lady— Canaria. She fretfully watched the spring blossom while complaining.

"How boring!"
"Hold back then. And start acting like a patient, Canaria."

The  man  standing  beside  her  shook  his  head  while  muttering 'Yare yare'. Wearing a bowler hat, accompanied with a tuxedo, the man held up his hat with his right hand while sighing.

With  indecency,  Canaria  placed  her  elbow  on  the  supporting table,  glancing  at  the  parent-child  that  were  walking  on  the boulevard.

"But  Croix,  even  if  you  say  that,  I  am  still  a  patient............for real. The huge amount of spirit power lost has caused my body to reach its limit. No matter what you do, I won't be saved."

Not  pessimistic,  just  lightly  speaking  out  her  condition.  The bowler hat man— "Baron The Cross(Baron Le Croix)" lowered his line of sight and become silent upon catching that.

This silence was an affirmation to what Canaria had said. However, the words she had said were not ironic in anyway. While  Canaria  viewed  the  parent-child  on  the  boulevard,  she spoke to herself in a deep trance.

"It's already almost March. In previous years, this would be the time  to  welcome  new  kids  into  the  Canaria  Family  Home  eh? The  party  host  was supposed to be  me,  allowing everyone  to
enjoy. How unsatisfactory ah."

"That also depends on you. Despite the loss of your spirit power, you could still live an ordinary life for about 4 to 5 years. But you should concentrate on your physical conditions first. Alright?"
I know, Canaria answered sulkingly.

—It was about 2 months since Canaria had been sick. For her to suddenly fall ill even though she was always healthy, it sent the Canaria Family Home to a state of chaos. Overall, the only person that maintained the house had fallen sick. Needless to say,  her  facilities  staff  and  friends  including  Izayoi,  changed their expressions and warned her in unison.

Be quiet and get hospitalized.

"But. Isn't that a tad bit rude to the mother of the facility? What a [Ghost  turmoil].  Thinking  back  to  how  much  ghost  I  had uniformed in the past. It can't be counted even with Buddha's hands."

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