Sunday, August 28, 2016

Masou Gakuen H×H Volume 6


After Aine took into her hand the proof of emperor that was a golden tiara, she put it on her head.

The girl who stared back at her from the mirror, had her body attired with outfit that was only allowed to the emperor.

Rather than calling it clothing, it was accessories. Accessories made from silver, gold, and jewelry were attached on her body in place of clothes, and she wore a thin transparent fabric like a robe. All the accessories were strictly measured for Aine’s personal use, created to tightly match her smooth curve line. That sense of unity was to the degree that could make one think that most of the accessories were body paint instead. And then, the thinly slender ornaments were very little in size, that even the parts which mustn’t be shown to other people couldn’t be hidden enough.

The excessively high exposure rate made Aine feel a strong shame, at the same time it emphasized Aine’s beauty so very much.

This outfit was really similar with the outfit worn by Aine’s little sister who acted as the agent of Vatlantis emperor while Aine was gone. If one had to say what was the difference, it was that Aine’s outfit was even more luxurious than Grace’s.  The outfit itself strongly emphasized that Aine was
exactly the only absolute, that she was an existence which was even higher than Grace, that was how one who saw her would be made to think.

Aine sighed deeply.

At one of the corners of her room which could easily be more than a hundred tatami, Aine was just alone there, she was facing the mirror. The girl inside the mirror was in contrast with the luxurious and resplendent outfit she wore, her expression was darkly down.

‘――Is this, the true me?’
She asked herself inside her heart to make sure of it.

Vatlantis’s emperor, Ainess Synclavia.

There was no mistake that was who the person inside the mirror was. When her body moved, the emperor inside the mirror also made the same move.

Correct, she was the emperor of Vatlantis. She was by no means Chidorigafuchi Aine of Amaterasu.
However, just what was this uncomfortableness holding still inside herself.

Her memory had returned, her lineage and past had become clear. There was no ground to feel doubt of the fact that she was in Atlantis. Despite so, her current self felt like a lie somewhere.

Aine took into her hand a newly presented golden necklace and wrapped it around her neck before fastening it behind her. Originally this was a work for her attendant, but she wanted to be alone a little and forced her attendant and guard to withdraw. It was likely that around this time they were waiting in an orderly line in front of the room.

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