Sunday, August 28, 2016

Masou Gakuen H×H Volume 5


It was a dim room.
A bluish white magic circle was floating on the wall.

A thin light ran as if that magic circle was split vertically. The next moment, that light widened in width at one go.


The light pierced the eyes that were used to darkness. He avoided the light with his hand against the radiance outside the door and scowled his face.

‚Get outside, Hida Kizuna.‛
A voice came from inside the light.

Kizuna opened his crunched eyes and focused his eyes to the light. By doing that, he could see a faint outline of a person. That shadow of a person was pushing out its right hand forward. Something that was the same like the magic circle floating in the darkness was shining bluish white on that

The door that was until now didn’t even flinch when he kicked and hit it was closed with a slide. It was likely that magic circle was accomplishing the role of a key.

He confirmed his own appearance by the light that was shining in. After his Heart Hybrid Gear was removed by Zeros’s Forbidden Armament [Code Breaker], he was soon taken captive by the imperial guard of Vatlantis.

Thanks to that, he was still in his tattered pilot suit.

His wound from being thoroughly whipped by Zelsione hurt. But, it was fortunate that he was given treatment before he was thrown alone into this cell. His left leg that was pierced by a sword was also wrapped in bandage.

After he rose from the simple bed, sharp pain traveled his leg. As if to ascertain it, he took a single step with his left leg and put his weight on it. It was quiet painful, but he could walk.

Kizuna looked around the single cell with width of four and a half tatami.

Whether it was the bed or the tray, it was a room that was molded from a single material that was like plastic. The lighting was only a single lamp on the wall that was like a LED. There was nothing else.

How long had he been confined here he wondered? Five hours……no, perhaps eight hours. He was locked inside a dim room, so his feeling of time was blurred.

‚What are you doing? Get out quickly.‛

He could hear an irritated voice. His eyes were mostly used to light now, so he could confirm the owner of the voice.

Her hair was blonde in bob-style that was worn in braids. Her amazingly well-ordered face had the beauty and cuteness of a western doll coexisting in it. However as if to reject those two factors, her right eye was hidden by an eye patch. He could understand that she was a member of the imperial
guard by the uniform she was wearing.

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