Sunday, August 28, 2016

Masou Gakuen H×H Volume 4



With rising crimson flames behind her, Hida Nayuta was wearing a soft smile.
‘――Don’t tell me, it’s really her?

But, why is she in this kind of place?’
Kizuna was dumbfounded from the sudden appearance of his mother.

The parent that gave birth to Heart Hybrid Gear. So to speak, the person who made they, the members of Amaterasu, to be burdened with the fate of fighting by shaving their life. And then, she was also the perpetrator that created the situation where they had to do Heart Hybrid without any choice.

He wondered if he was mistaken and this was only an accidental resemblance with other people. However, no matter how he looked at her, he could only see that it was the person herself.

The gust that raised the flame made the white coat she wore like a doctor’s robe flap. The mother inside his memory was also always wearing a white doctor’s robe. Her appearance too, her smile that looked gentle too, all those didn’t change at all from ten years ago. That appearance which was really
similar with Reiri looked so youthful that rather than calling the two of them parent and child, they looked more like sisters.

‚Are you, really……Kaa-san.‛

The happiness of being reunited with his mother, didn’t well up at all inside him. On the contrary, cold sweat was drenching down his whole body from the unspeakable terror and alertness that ruled Kizuna’s body.

‚Long time no see isn’t it, Kizuna. It’s about ten years……and twenty one days already.‛
Her voice was soft and elegantly reverberated.

A gentle voice that was colored by a gentle smile. It was the same like when he was praised from doing experiments on Heart Hybrid Gear when he was a child.

And then, it was also the same smile when she chased him out from the lab because she had no use for him anymore.

Himekawa too opened her eyes roundly wide from the sudden appearance of Nayuta.

‚I heard that her whereabouts are unknown, but……why is she in this kind of place?’
Kizuna gulped audibly and somehow restrained his voice from going shrill.

‚……At the lab, we found a movie that said she was going to the AU for field work. Did Kaa-san, really, go……to AU?‛


In contrast with Kizuna’s nervousness, Nayuta answered as if it was nothing. Himekawa that didn’t know about the circumstance looked alternately at the figures of Kizuna and Nayuta as if to look for answer.

‚To, to AU!? Wha, what in the world is the meaning of that?‛

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