Sunday, August 28, 2016

Masou Gakuen H×H Volume 1


“Aa-……n, no. Ki, Kizuna-kun, that place, nn……-“
The girl twisted her body in order to escape from the hand of the man called Kizuna,

Her long black hair shook smoothly.
“My, my bad! Himekawa, you don’t like it there then.”

Kizuna pulled his hand back in panic.
“……So which area is it that makes you feel good, when touched?”

The girl, Himekawa Hayuru’s face turned red in a flash.
“Th, the, there is no way I can tell you that! So-so-so-something like tha――aAnn-“

“Anyways, it seems that this place makes you feel good.”
Saying that, Hida Kizuna crawled his hand on Himekawa’s thigh.

It was a wide room with a size of twenty tatami mats.
In the center of the dimly lighted room, there was a bed that was so pure white it looked dazzling.

On top of that bed, a male and female around the age of high-schoolers were embracing each other.
Kizuna was wearing something like a training wear that fitted tightly on his body.

With short sleeves upper wear and a spat that reached his knee, the wear that he wore had the upper and bottom separated, faint muscles could be seen from his exposed stomach.

He couldn’t be called as muscular, but just from seeing one could understand that his body was fairly trained.

As for Himegawa, she too was wearing a wear that fit tightly on her similar with Kizuna, but the impression of hers was quite different. The fabric was thin, and the cut at her crotch was also extremely risqué in the style of a swimming race swimsuit, it seemed like a leotard in appearance.

On top of that wear she was wearing a coat that was like a shrine maiden clothes, but it had already been completely worn out of shape.

Those clothes that hid her body half-heartedly made her look excessively erotic.

Her chest was bared and the line of her smooth breasts peeked out. They were a little small, but looking at them would make one’s heart throb.

That figure looking at him in that appearance with upturned eyes was nothing but lascivious.

‘――No matter how much time passed, it still makes me so nervous.’ Was what he thought.

When Kizuna scooped up Himekawa’s hair, it made Himekawa’s body tremble.
“Himekawa, you…… are really sensitive aren’t you?”

“Is, is that so? I, I am…… aau”

He stroked her face and like that his hand stroked down to her hair. With his index finger, from her back until her waist, his finger pressed on her body and slid down.

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