Friday, August 12, 2016

Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa Volume 5


When there was just a week left of summer vacation.
Our long trip through the Netherworld finished…. And we returned at last to the human world.


Properly  speaking,  despite  the  fact  that  it  wouldn‟t  be  weird  that  our spirits  reached  the  max  in  an  instant,  facing  reality,  I  honestly  wasn‟t happy.

… Why is it?
Let‟s try bringing up one of the causes.

Right now, in my home… Zonmi, Kyouko, Iris, and Lilith-san, those four beauties were staying here.

Why are they living at my house as if it was just natural?… I truly can't make heads or tails out of it.

Leaving Zonmi aside, who was originally already freeloading, about the other three it's truly a mystery.

When I tried asking each one for their reasons…

„… Dostn‟t forget. Monster tamer. Art not thou the one who, not long after now,  shall  become  my  spouse?  Is  it  so  farfetched  for  two  people  that shall soon exchange vows to live together?‟

„Chiharu-sama.  Have  you  forgotten  your  position?  Aren‟t  you  someone important, and able (capable) to influence the destiny of the world from now on? What do you intend to do if there‟s no one to guard you?‟

„M-me staying here doesn‟t have any weird meaning, OK? Just, I mean…
Isn't everyone staying at your house, Haru? So… If I‟m the only one who doesn‟t stay here, won‟t the balance crumble…?‟

Hearing each one making their own excuse, I got this kind of feeling.

So many people packed into the usually noisy Kusumi residence.
Somehow… I thought that our boisterous days would continue, but things didn‟t go by so easy.

The reason was that the one who until now was the noisiest, Manami…
Had become very depressed from Zonmi‟s confession.

Very unlike her.
Ever  since  we  came  back,  my  sister  Manami  had  completely  holed herself in her room.

By the way, happens to be the second of the causes of me being in low spirits.
Since  my  sister  wouldn't  recover  her  usual  mood,  I  can‟t  be  honestly happy for returning to the human world.

“Hey, Manami. Why don‟t you go out?”

Today once again, I… Though I knocked on my sister‟s room, as usual there was no reply from her.
“… Just the breakfast, I‟ll leave it here.”

When this morning, like always, I had left the breakfast before my sister‟s room‟s door.
In fact, it has been three years… I met with that person once again.

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