Friday, August 12, 2016

Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa Volume 2


In our town, Saegusa city, there is a large-scale festival held every year on the day of the Tanabata, the Saegusa festival.

Though I've said large-scale, I mean among us locals, not so large that becomes a national event...
Still, if you came and looked at this town recently, you would understand how beloved this festival is by the local inhabitants.

For example, posters were hung all over the shopping district.
Another example, people were carrying the indispensable bamboo grass to hang the tanzaku on.
After school.

Walking back home as the day comes to an end, I saw the town being dyed little by little in the festivals colors.

I turned around to a familiar sounding voice and saw a person I knew.

Perfectly aligned bangs in a princess cut and a ponytail swayed by the wind.

The distinctively well-formed face had diminutive features that had established their owner as the foremost idol of the school I was attending.

Kurose Kyouko. The kind of relationship I had with the owner of the voice that had suddenly called to me, was that of childhood friends since elementary school.

"Are you going back home, Haru?"
"Nope. I'll stop a bit by the bookstore in front of the station."

"He―. What kind of book are you going to buy? Since it's Haru, of course, it's manga?"
"NO. It's past questions from the Center Test."

She looked at me with her eyes widened in surprise.

"Why, you ask... From next year on we'll be preparing for exams. I think it's time to start taking measures."

"...Could it be that you're thinking about taking the college entrance exam?"

"I'm not thinking much on the future, but of course I have it as a possibility… what. You don't believe I can?"

"It's not that, but…… what about your work as a monster tamer?"
"……ahh… You meant that……"

Those who stand as a go-between for monsters and humans — monster tamers.

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