Saturday, August 27, 2016

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Volume 05

Chapter 1 - Strength, the Time When It Should be Shown  

Lemegeton had one fact that she didn’t tell to Kazuki the contractor
That was the story that she heard from Futsunushi no Kami in their private talk at Astrum
Distorted World
{I became unable to make contact with the other Diva of Japan Mythology.} Futsunushi no Kami informed her.

All of human’s minds were connected. The depth of that mental world―this Astrum that should even be called [fomenting empty space] was constantly twisting muddily from the waves of all of human races’ unconsciousness.

Inside that trembling darkness, Lemegeton and Futsunushi no Kami’s figures were floating.

{The <Territory> that should be connecting me with everyone is interrupted before I realize it and I have not heard from them since then.}

Astrum was divided into each of the Mythology’s Territory. Only mutual companions with strong connection could come and go freely through the boundary. Lemegeton tied a friendship with Futsunushi no Kami, from that she became allowed to step her foot into Futsunushi no Kami’s territory. Naturally, outside of Lemegeton, Futsunushi no Kami was also connected with many of the Divas of Japanese Mythology. It was supposed to be so.

{You, are you perhaps being ostracized because everyone came to hate you while you didn’t know it?}

Just like in the world of humans where a bullied child was blocked from everyone’s cell phone contact.

―When Lemegeton pointed it out with a mean tone, Futsunushi no Kami was {GUWAHHAHHA!} heartily laughing out. {That’s impossible. No, for me to be hated is possible enough, but in Japan
Mythology there is also <Takemikadzuchi> that can be called my other half though. Mine and his Territory should be impossible to be severed from each other. …With only one exception.}

{Then, that impossible thing is happening right? What is that exception that you said?}

Futsunushi no Kami’s hearty laugh was blown out, he suddenly made a dispirited troubled face.

{He might be…going through <Wild God Transformation>.}

Lemegeton was lost whether she should give this information to Kazuki  or not.

Her feeling that yearned for Kazuki was making a disturbance in her heart that she should immediately tell this matter to him as soon as possible.

However on the other hand, the calm consideration as <the one that supervises the Solomon 72 Pillar> was telling her to shelve the telling of this matter. [Humans wouldn’t be told of any information more than what they needed] …Lemegeton had lost the majority of her memory,
but that was the principle that she recalled at the foremost.

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