Saturday, August 27, 2016

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Volume 08

Chapter 1 - The Best Shortcut to Become Strong  

Kazuki was inside a pink space.

The floor, the walls, the ceiling too, it was a hall with everything like mirrors. There, lascivious pink light was reflected randomly, enveloping Kazuki. Inside the pink light, Kazuki’s head was empty and tinged with a haze.

A whispering voice from somewhere was audible on his ear.


It was a voice he had a memory of hearing before that sounded kind of awkward like the owner was forcing herself somehow.

{Ufuu~n. Ka, Kazuki…it’s okay you knoo~w.}

What’s with the ufu~n, Kazuki retorted inside his hazy head.

*Pa-!* From inside the pink light, a naked girl appeared in front of his eyes.

It was someone he knew. Ryuutaki Miyabi―it was Miyabi-senpai. The surrounding mirror also reflected Miyabi-senpai’s naked appearance, Kazuki was surrounded by naked Miyabi-senpai from all directions.

However it was true that she was naked but―the risky spots were faintly shaded off and couldn’t be seen.

{Kazuki…come, your worldly desires that have kept piling up, it’s okay to unleash it if it’s in this world you know…}

Miyabi-senpai in front of his eyes walked up to Kazuki and embraced his neck. Thereupon Kazuki’s clothes vanished like a smoke. But Kazuki’s naked body was also vague with shading off fixed on it.
It was a world without any feeling of reality.

Power was filled into the two arms of Miyabi-senpai that embraced Kazuki. The sensation of the bared breasts of Miyabi-senpai that was pressed on him―was not there. There was none at all. A girl’s sweet smell too―there was none.

The master of this world was hesitating to convey all of that after all.

Kazuki’s hazy head was gradually filled with an out of place feeling.

If he had to say it, it was subdued. Consequently he woke up in one go.

“…Miyabi-senpai, what’s with this absurd mind hack magic!!”

Shaking off Miyabi-senpai’s arm that hugged him closely, Kazuki stepped back from her.

Inside Kazuki’s both hands, his beloved blade <Doufuu> was produced in response to Kazuki’s will.

Directing it to the world itself in front of his eyes, he swung down Doufuu directly.

That instant, all the mirror was smashed apart all at once. *barabarabara*…mirror fragments crumbled down, the mental world created from magic was buried into a total darkness. And then―

“Ka, Kazuki-!?”

Miyabi-senpai became flustered and twitched in front of him.

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