Saturday, August 27, 2016

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Volume 06

Chapter 1 - To the Sea of Abundant Land 

Kaya was grateful to the politicians of Yamato.

To be able to make contact with this person so very easily was exactly because there was the channel that they built with Chūkadou by spending efforts for months and years.

This meeting was an extremely important critical juncture with regards to Loki’s plan.

The pure gold chandelier was illuminating the space that was painted vermilion. Chūkadou’s <Shibi 1  Palace>. That palace was richly colored with red and gold―the master of heaven’s decree, the emperor of China’s palace.

The imperial capital that loudly proclaimed that Chūkadou is the center of the world, right now Kaya was in Beijing.

There was no one else inside the room with Kaya except for that person.

This was not a public audience, but a confidential talk that was conducted inside that person’s private room. Sitting on a rosewood table and chairs decorated with mother of pearl craftsmanship, Kaya and that person faced each other as if they were fellow friends with very intimate relationship.

“Fufufu…. O messenger from Yamato. No, o our friend. You are asking [if perhaps I might be able to borrow your strength], what an odd way of talking that is.”

That person’s lips that was distinctly drawn with vivid red warped into the shape of crescent moon from her laugh.

She was still a girl in the middle of her teens, but excess makeup was applied all over her face. In China the use of cosmetics was not approved except for nobles. Nonetheless, because the magicians of this era utilized their magic power and polished their beauty of figure from the Prima Material of the skin, people who relied on using cosmetics rarely existed.

When the girl let out a laughing voice, *sharin sharin* such sound was ringing. Each time this person made even the slightest movement, the many ornaments that were attached in excess all over her whole body raised a sound.

The robe that the girl currently wore was a purple Lóng páo. A [color restriction] permitted only for the emperor, a fabric in the color of deep purple decorated with countless precious stones, as if her whole body was clad completely with the full starry sky.

The weight of all the ornaments on the girl’s body easily surpassed ten times her own weight. For the sake of enduring that weight, the girl was constantly using Enchant Aura, blue light was constantly emitted from her whole body. That light was reflected by the countless precious stones, making her sparkle intensely.

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