Saturday, August 27, 2016

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Volume 11

Chapter 1 – Long Stagnation and Harem’s Everyday

“Hikaru-senpai’s condition looks odd?”

When Kazuki asked back, Mio nodded repeatedly with a serious face.

“In the first place Hikaru-senpai is a lovely person that is a little strange right?”

If it was within some certain degree, even the odd side of her also felt charming.

“That’s true but, she looks odd even more than usual right now.”

Kazuki puckered his face wondering whether Hikaru-senpai finally did something as odd as running around fully naked.

“You are saying odd, odd how? If you don’t say the specific, my imagination is just freely spreading wild that I get scared here. After all, it’s not strange for her to do something...”

“So, sorry. By the way, right now what kind of thing are you imagining right now?”

“Sticking dog’s poop on the end of a tree’s branch at a public garden, and then chasing around Kaguya-senpai with it or...”

“Uwah, she might do that... however it’s not something like that! Hikaru-senpai, she looks like she got addicted to shopping in this place see. She spent her whole day in Las Vegas strip.

“Shopping addiction?” Kazuki thought anticlimactically.

“Certainly it’s not something that seems like Hikaru-senpai, however, that’s not something really strange, right?”

Hikaru-senpai became a billionaire in Las Vegas’ casino.

Mio’s expression clouded saying “But...” as if there was some problem with that.

―Kazuki and co. were made to resume their 「Las Vegas’ everyday」.

When Kazuki and co. visited 「the land that was once called USA」, there the country was broken up into north and south, and the 「South-North War」 was happening. In the north there was 「American Justice Mythology」, in the south there was 「Indian Mythology」, each side persisted in their own faith and rejected each other.

Kazuki carried his feet to each camp and investigated the situation.

And then he decided to lend a hand to North America that was not tinted with the color of a religious country and was a fellow civilized society with Japan. The North America should be a country that could have a mutual understanding with Japan.

But―only the inhuman slavery that North America was carrying out in their adoption of 「extreme capitalism」 he couldn’t agree with.

American Justice Mythology had the nature where their power grew the more wealth and riches they had by developing the city. For that cause, North America rationally developed a slavery society to an inhuman degree.

While bringing victory to North America, he would also bring down the King of this country.

While secretly harboring that kind of rebellion spirit―Kazuki once again returned back to Las Vegas where he arrived the first time. Currently he was staying at the reserved floor of 「Hotel Yggdrasil」 and waiting for the time where he would meet the King face to face. But even though he had already sounded the King out for a meeting through Ginny and Mary, it was fairly hard to come true
and he was forced to spend days in impatience.

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