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Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Volume 07

Chapter 1 - Transient Wartime Fire  

―This strategy has become a battle for the sake of swordsmen.

Before the [urban war] began, Akane said those words and raised the moral of the swordsmen who were apt to feel menial and made the mood of the Magika Stigma who apt to acted haughtily tense.

Yokkaichi city that bordered the Aichi Prefecture functioned as the entrance to Mie prefecture and were boasted as <Alchemy Industry City> with the biggest population inside the prefecture. The large scale workshops that were lined in a row there gathering the scrap material trash from throughout Japan. The scrap materials were recycled using alchemy and re-manufactured as new products and then those were circulated once more throughout Japan. As the central part of environment
sustainability durability for the current era Japan, this city was a metropolis that never slept, fully operating day and night.

When Japan’s Knight Order invaded the territory of Yamato from Nagoya to Mie prefecture, Yamato’s defensive army intercepted them in this industrial city. ―It was the rising of the curtain for an [urban war].

First, Japan’s Knight Order sieged the city where Yamato’s army was waiting in ambush. And then following the command of Akane who was the commander, that ring of siege was narrowed little by little.

“…Looks like these guys don't intend to forcibly bring this battle into a field battle like in Sekigahara.”

In the encampment far behind the front line of the battle, Kano who was, like Akane, a commander, started such conversation to Akane. Different from a field battle where the field of vision was great, obstructed by the architectural structure of lined up buildings, they couldn’t take a look at the situation at the front lines from here.

During the [Magic War・Sekigahara], Yamato burned down private houses and fields of crops, turning it into a wasteland of rubble and met the advance of Japan, bringing the battle into a head-on collision without any petty tricks.

Kanon thought anxiously whether they would be doing the same thing again.

“After that, they met with large opposition from the people of west Japan haven't they?”
Akane answered mixed with a deep sigh.

“Until now Yamato made use of the pretext that [they obtained the divine protection from Japanese Mythology] as their flag to get the support from the people. However that pretense had been exposed.

Right now Yamato’s foundation as a country had already become really tattered. They would not take such forceful strategy anymore.”

―With Kazuki’s success in his infiltration mission to Ise Imperial Shrine, the majority of Japanese Mythology’s Divas had returned to their senses from their Wild God state and withdrew their cooperation from Yamato.

Japanese Divas’ that were still cooperating with Yamato were only Divas from the [Izumo Faction]. There were two types of Japanese Diva, those who had their roots from Wakoku and those who had their roots from Izumo.

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