Friday, August 26, 2016

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Volume 03

Chapter 1 - Tonight’s the NightThe Night of Beginning 

“So, there is no mistake that the [meeting place] of Kohaku’s gang is inside this abandoned club room?”

In the night where there was not even any shadow of students who loitered around the school, the Sword Division student council led by Hayashizaki Kanae came to this clubroom building where they sensed the presence of [clandestine meeting].

Kanae looked up to the building that towered over them in the darkness of the night and knitted her eyebrows.

―The second day since Nii-sama disappeared from the Magic Division.

Two days ago, headmaster Otonashi from the Magic Division handed down the order to [arrest Hayashizaki Kazuki and Charlotte] to Otonashi Kaguya. However Kaguya was obstructed by Hikita Kohaku, and one moment later Kazuki and the others managed to slip away. After that, the whereabouts of Kazuki and the others were completely unknown.

Kohaku, who helped with their escape, even now still brazenly attended her class.

It was clear that they sheltered Kazuki and the others somewhere in the Sword Division.

However some teachers of the Sword Division might be pulling the strings of Kohaku’s action from behind the scenes―the teachers from the Magic Division’s side were in vigilance of that possibility and were unable to seek cooperation from the Sword Division. There were also some thoughts that they didn’t want to let the students to know about this incident. For these kinds of reasons, they couldn’t perform a large scale [Kazuki search] inside the ground of the Sword Division, freezing
the state of affairs.

In the middle of all that, the Sword Division's Kanae and others, who were aware of the situation from Kaguya, started to move independently.

“I checked the data of the camera monitors from these few days all night. I had confirmed that Kohaku came frequently at late night here to this clubroom building. It was only a glance though.”

Yamada Torazou answered the question that Kanae asked from before.

The camera monitors that were laid out inside the Sword Division’s ground were originally a countermeasure for suspicious people.

Torazou confirmed the footage from those cameras using the special privilege of the student council.

“This building has the abandoned clubroom of the ping pong club that had been abolished. The adviser of that ping pong club was that Tsukahara.”

Tsukahara Hisatada―the Sword Division’s teacher who was suspected as Kohaku's backer.

“I tried to search this abandoned club room in the afternoon, but the key to the room had been changed without anyone’s notice and even the master key cannot open it. There was no sound at all from the inside, so it seems they're not hiding Kazuki and the others here. There is no mistake however that this is a room of some importance.”

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