Saturday, August 27, 2016

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Volume 09

Chapter 1 - White and Black

The morning of that day was not like the usual morning.

The tip of Kazuki’s nose was tickled by a sensual sweet aroma that made him awake. It was the aroma of a girl’s skin. That was what his instinct told him.

But this aroma was something he had never smelled until today, the aroma of a foreigner’s skin. The owner of the aroma burrowed herself into Kazuki’s futon and was in a postion of right beside Kazuki, clinging close to him.

’Who is this?’, Kazuki felt dubious while still half-asleep.

―He raised up his blanket and determined the true identity of the intruder while still half-asleep.

The morning sun that shone in from the window illuminated the figure of the girl that was laying on her side.

Her long silver hair shone in sparkles while entangling with the dark brown skin.

The owner of such vibrant contrast between silver and dark brown was―Leme.

Kazuki moved his eyes to the clock and confirmed the time. From the point of view of the usual Kazuki, he had greatly overslept just from the brightness outside his window.

But it was already decided from the start that he was going to oversleep today.

The investigation of 「Fuji’s sea of trees」 yesterday was extremely severe. He encountered Ikousai and Ilyailiya in succession and fought them consecutively, not to mention the physical fatigue, even his magic power was completely empty.

His most important job today was to rest. …After sleeping like a log from the excessive fatigue, it seemed he didn’t notice when Leme sneaked into his futon as she pleased.

―Sleeping together with Leme itself was not a particularly rare occasion.

What was not usual was Leme’s appearance.

Leme contracted with Kazuki in a little girl appearance and grew little by little as she recovered her strength, and now in this point of time she grew in a great leap. The one who was sleeping defenselessly beside Kazuki was not a little girl anymore, but a bewitching beauty that was only clad in a single piece of black clothing.

From that mature body, an aroma that should be called a foreign sex appeal was rising up.

”Have you wake up, my King.”

Her long glandular hair swayed and Leme’s eyes that he thought was still asleep opened completely. And then she moved inside the futon slidingly and snuggled her body closely at Kazuki.

There was a sensation of something soft being flattened around Kazuki’s stomach. A sensation that was impossible for Leme from before―Leme’s breast that had grown big was pressing on him.

Everything was different from usual. Whether her sensual aroma and also the sensation of her adult skin.

…Shit, to feel like this from someone like Leme as the partner.

”Nn? What is it, your face is a little red even though you just wake up you know, my King?”

Leme grazed her big breast at Kazuki in a jest. Separated by a single piece of thin silk, that felt fluffily and bouncily soft.

”…You, when did you slip into the futon?”

”Nn? It’s just the usual thing right? When you are not sleeping together with other girl, Leme materialized and slipped into your futon. Though for the sake of making you feeling shocked like this in the morning, I purposefully waited until you were completely asleep before slipping into the futon.”

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