Saturday, August 27, 2016

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Volume 04

Chapter 1 - To the End of the Peaceful Day 

“Kazuki, between the sparklingly cute and feminine me, or coolly conservative and adult me, which one do you like?”

…Please talk in Japanese, that was what clearly expressed in Kazuki’s bewildered expression.

Mio leaned her body forward even though they were in the middle of the meal, she waited for his reply while her eyes were shining in expectation. Her appearance was still in the cute maid uniform that she wore when they prepared the meal.

The dining table of the Witch’s Mansion became quiet.
“What an extremely narcissist way of talking isn’t it?”

When Koyuki ridiculed her while chewing (hamuhamu 1 ) her toast, Mio denied it with red face.

“It’s not like that! Not the uniform or the Magic Dress or the maid uniform, but it’s just when I’m wearing my casual clothes, I’m concerned of what I should wear and what Kazuki thought!”

“It feels like Mio has an obsession in stylish fashion, isn’t it?”

“It’s not to the degree of obsession but…if they are a woman then anyone will be concerned with that, right?”

When Mio said that self-conciously, Koyuki slightly hung her head down.

It appears that Koyuki was disinterested in that kind of thing.

“No, about that there are various kind of girls, isn’t it fine?”

“Then for Kazuki it doesn’t really matter what kind of appearance the girl has? Even though you like the maid uniform so much.”

“That is, if the girl dressed herself up when she comes to meet me then I’ll be happy, thinking she is cute.”

Hoshikaze-senpai was laughing “ahaha” after she snapped a sausage (mogumogu 2 ) with her mouth.
“No, that is strange for senpai, right!? Please behave yourself like a girl properly!”

“But you see, in my situation, my surrounding is happy when I wear men’s clothes. Moreover can you imagine if I wear a skirt even when in my casual clothes? I will look funny, won’t I?”

“It won’t, I said. I want to see senpai in that kind of getup.”

“I will look scary like that don’t you agree-. Like when a boy is participating in crossdressing beauty contest in a cultural festival of a boys’ school.”

You’ve got to be kidding, Kazuki was stricken with grief with all his words repelled back like he was standing in front of a wall of steel.

“Hayashizaki-kun, next time let’s go see clothes together. Occasionally doing shopping as bonding between men is cool right?”

“And I just said senpai is not a man already…”

“All people in Japan are stylish desu. In Norse Mythology, being ostentatious felt like a sin. Though gods that were fashion-crazy like Freia-sama also exist desu.”

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