Friday, August 26, 2016

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Volume 02

Chapter 1 - Before the Storm 

Above the swamp, earth, sand and dry leaves were piling up, Kazuki stepped onto the wet ground and ran towards the approaching enemy. From between the poisonous trees with violet trunk and leaves, Demon Beasts that looks like jelly-beans with brightly colored slimy mucus——<Slime> were approaching one after another to attack.

[Suppression of Demon Beasts that nested in the Haunted Ground]——That was the <Quest> that Kazuki and the others accepted.

A silver flash surged from the mouth of his scabbard, Kazuki drew his Iai to the approaching blue slime in front of his eyes.

The slime that released chilly air became two equal parts but——the blue slime immediately stuck to each other and returned to how it was previously.

Kazuki's eyes were opened wide because of the unknown enemy's mode of life.
······Sword was not effective toward these things!

All at once the multi-colored slimes on Kazuki's way leaped toward him.

"The calling voice of the ruler of flame, liberate the rage deep inside the earth! Create the rampart of mine here······soaring on heaven and earth, isolate the impurity! Fire Wall!!"

However Kazuki invoked Phoenix's Summoning Magic to assault the enemies. From the start Kazuki chanted the spell while breaking into the center of the enemies and waiting for the right timing.

Along with flashes of light, fissures ran on the ground under Kazuki and from there, walls of flame burst out.

The slimes who attacked Kazuki carelessly were swallowed by the walls of flame and evaporated all at once.

The few numbers of slimes that managed to slip out of the flame walls attacked Kazuki but he brushed them off with his katana. Thereupon, the dignified voice of the partner that support Kazuki from the back echoed.

"Scattered sparks of dancing wings! Lingering spiral wind, become life piercing bullet! Flap your wing and shoot! Barrett!!"

Red lights lingered like wings from the stigma on her back, Mio invoked Barrett.
The slime was attacked by the flame bullet, its body fused with the heat of the bullet.

While Kazuki stepped back, he chanted Barrett matching with Mio and hit the slime.
"Kazukii! Hooray, we beat them with the same magic♪"

Mio raised her voice excitedly and clung to Kazuki's arm after scattering the enemy's group.

Although until a little while ago, she was still saying "How impertinent for someone like Kazuki to use the same magic······", was it because of the exaltation in the battlefield?, Mio was unusually honest and became bold.

No, before when Mio died, she seemed to not remember that time, however since Kazuki kissed and saved her, he had a feeling that her attitude instantly softened.

······Was it because the positivity level with high number of 120?
"Co, come on, don't let your mind wander in the middle of a quest!"

Because of the embarrassing sensation of being pressed by the chest's high exposure rate of the Magic DressDécolleté Oblique, Kazuki spontaneously uttered words of resistance. Mio slightly made a pouting face.

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